Sounds of a Season

Heard an Ice Cream truck in our neighborhood, with its carnival like music enticing anyone within earshot to buy their frozen goodies. I remember do just that when I was little. The trucks I remember were round and seem to spin on the streets. They looked so cool. Oh the popsicles, fudge bars and cones, all good on a hot day.
And there are other noises that often accompany summer. Frogs croak up a musical melody for all to enjoy and crickets chirping a chorus especially at night. Birds seem to be more vocal right now as they tend to little ones and themselves. Kids are outdoors riding their bikes and swimming in the pools and playing at playgrounds.
Grills even sound cool as the food cooks on them. Outdoor concerts are cooler outside than in. I don’t know the sound is just better for some reason, maybe because the music floats in the air. Even lawn mowers sound interesting as they cut the grass and leave a sweet smelling lawn behind. Watermelon scented.
The sky is brighter the air seems fresher, just something about this warm time of year. Camping, road trips, picnics, opening the windows to let the breezes waltz in and wake up the musty smell of winter. Traveling light, short sleeves, shorts and sandals. Light packing if you ask me. Sure is appropriate. Sundresses, anything lightweight.
Summer is just more relaxed, easy going as it should be. Vacations are taken, school is out, and you can go on autopilot for a while. That’s a sound I like. To just slow down a while. Just check this picture of my dog, Max, in my backyard. He’s following the mantra of summer, just chillin. Now, I think I hear Mr. Buffet singing about a place called Margaritaville. Where’s my Parrot hat?
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Ripples Along the Shore- A Review

ripplesalongtheshoreHumbling? Sure. When Caroline returns to St. Charles, Missouri due to her husband’s death in the war, she finds herself itching to start all over all again. A new life, with new opportunities and happiness. There are obstacles in her way. She’s single and there’s a chance to move out west but because she is unmarried she can’t travel unescorted. Bummer.
Now the novella continues with a possible suitor in a slick talking Mr. Lewis G. Whibley who later gets a much deserved slap on the face. You go girl! And then a couple of other potential gentlemen also come into her life, one who sparks an interest and the other not so much. Well you see this is a dilemma for her.
The message for the main character and for the rest of us, though, is to be patient and to “Humble yourself before the Lord and he shall lift you high” (James 4:10). She bides her time while getting a job at a general store and eventually is offered a chance to be a nanny for a family who happens to be traveling out to California.
Overall, the book is good but I would like to have read more about her adventure as I was curious as to how would end. But maybe that’s the whole idea behind this type of book, to keep you guessing. I’d say Caroline was smart after all in her decision to wait for God’s guidance, don’t you?
I received this free copy from Waterbrook Press and Edelweiss in exchange for reviewing this.
For more information: (Including About the author, Mona Hodgson)

That’s Entertainment?

There’s been advertising lately for a brand new show and yes, that can be something to look forward to. However the one I am referring to is, well, a rather ignorant choice of programming and shows a lack of imagination on the executive’s part. You know , I doubt they are capable of having an imagination.
The show debuted yesterday on ABC. I am guessing that the only subject the audience wants to see is sex.
Now before anyone sends hate mail, let’s think about this, most, not all, are intrigued by sex. It’s everywhere. The media uses it to its advantage to get our attention for everything from chewing gum to salad dressing. Does the phrase, “Let’s Get Zesty?” and shirtless man ring a bell? true, it’s cheesy and ridiculous at the same time, because salad dressing is not sexy.
Do we really need a series about cheating? How about something different like maybe being faithful? Or hey go back in time to the seventies and see how original some of the programming was then. Seems they really focused on what was going at the moment.
There’s just not much to watch anymore so I just don’t.
Yes, there are some quality programs out there worth watching, but degrading us with crap material like Mistresses just isn’t the way to entertain. Yes, there are stupids who will cheat for selfish reasons but we don’t need a show to tell us about it. Just glad there’s the option to not watch and that’s just what I won’t do. I will take other shows over this anytime any day of the week. Thank goodness for freedom of choice.

Plastic Donuts — A Review

Giving because it brings joy to the receiver and makes the big man upstairs happy. How cool is that? You gotta love the title of this book. You see, the title comes from an experience with his daughter who kept on giving him plastic items from her kitchen set, one of which was a plastic donut. She was overjoyed and daddy learned some lessons that day. Kids are good that way.
Mr. Anderson discusses how to give and how to make it count. He doesn’t say you must give this and all is well with the world. Nope, he gives examples from real life and from the Bible the demonstrate the way giving should be done. For instance, there’s the story of the poor woman who literally gives all she has as an offering. Her gift is considered more worthy than the rest.
Then there are other examples from Mr. Anderson’s own life where people have had to figure out how much to give and when they do, life seems to be so much better. Burdens seem to go away. Like his grandfather, who gives by what he sees is “the church’s standard”, not what God would have him give. As the author says, God wants a “personal gift.” To me, that present is something with deep meaning, that you give because you want to, not because you have to, and you gain joy from it. Kinda like doing the right thing because, well, it’s the right thing to do. Must really rock God’s world, don’t you think?
I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.
For more information: (Author’s web site)
Read Chapter One:
Podcast: http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/blog/2013/02/02/podcast-plastic-donuts-by-jeff-anderson/

Those Were the Days

Another great lady has passed away, Miss Jean Stapleton, aka Edith Bunker of “All in the Family.” She was the only one who could reach into Archie’s tough heart and make him the tender soul that he really was. She understood where he was coming from, where had been, and why he behaved like he did.

I tell you a show like that might or might not make it on television today, but it was excellent viewing when I was a kid. Made you think and realize we are all the same regardless of skin color, ethnic background and even gasp, religious beliefs. I always liked the character Miss Stapleton played. I never did think Edith was dumb. I knew she was smart from the get go. Mrs. Bunker always knew what was going on and reached out to all with her kind heart.

True the song that Archie and Edith sang at the beginning of the series defined the actual roles of both men and women. The show itself was a time of change, and change is never easy. Norman Lear is to be commended for bringing such quality work and people into our living rooms. Edith wasn’t a bigot and I honestly think Archie wasn’t either. I just think he was trying to understand what was happening around him, with racial equality finally becoming a reality.
Edith balanced Archie and she really did love him, faults and all.


Well, I wish there more like you Edith, those who come across as unaware but secretly alert and accepting. Yeah, Those were the days. Rest in peace, Mrs. Bunker. I will miss you. The world will miss you.