Side Chick: A Review

Thinking about dating  a married man? Really? How disrespectful can you be about yourself. In the book, Side Chick, by author Pamela J. the issue is explored in a few stories of side chicks as she calls them. She doesn’t sugar coat her words, there are no rainbows at the end of each story. Only the ugly reality that one will face should she decide to start a relationship.

In the first tale, there is lady name”Bee” who is in complete denial about her man, She comes to work, after having spent time with him, only to discover that he’s gotten married and moved to another state,. She’s heartbroken, the long term affair, over just like that. She looks back and realizes the red flags were there but of course, he loved her?Loved her so much he dumps her. What did he care, he got what he wanted. Worse yet, they worked together in same office and everyone was aware of their fling.


In another story, a lady discovers her husband is cheating with a best friend, ouch, and takes a more violent approach. She and sidekick, who is not named, go after them in  a hotel room and proceed to gun them down. Of course, she is arrested for her act of revenge. Personally, no man is worth that much anger and revenge. I would say keep your whore and diseases to yourself and get out of my life.


The whole point of the book is to encourage woman and men to have more respect for themselves and not go after those you can’t have. No amount of begging or pleading will make them  leave their main love. You are just being used for their own personal satisfaction. It’s not real love when someone tosses you like trash, and then doesn’t give a damn if you are crying in your beer,


Think more highly of yourself and look for better. You deserve it. Don’t you think?


This book was give to me for an honest review and I am very happy to say the author did well. You rock Pamela J.



An Update

I want to let everyone know that I am doing well. My divorce was final in August of last year. I have learned to be content doing for me only, with no others to care for in my household, with the exception of my cat.

Weird to do  things like grocery shop and only buy for myself and not other family members. Choosing less to put  in my cart and take home has  been  an  adjustment. I am stronger now than I was. I knew I could manage on my own and I have. My small place is just  right for me to  clean and live in, I don’t  get as tired from  taking care to do  household chores.

Daisy, my cat, keeps me entertained and loved. Sundays I see my sons and enjoy their company. My ex and I are trying to set an example, being civil  to  one another.

I’ve come to realize  that divorce was the best option for us. He doesn’t love me nor does he need me.  I am ok with that. God has a plan for me and I am patiently waiting  to see the signs, the clues, to feel in my heart what He wants for me.

Daring to Hope: A Review

Daring to Hope: Finding God's Goodness in the Broken and the Beautiful

Moving to a new country that you have never lived in before can be a huge culture shock. Not knowing the language, customs, and just everyday living can be a challenge. Well, for Katie Davis Majors, her challenge is in dealing with the hardships that come with the celebrations of life in Uganda.

Mrs. Majors talks about the broken and how beauty can be found from it. You lose someone as she deals with from time to time but remember how life was enhanced by knowing them. It’s hard to let go of the ones we love, but we know they are in a better place, without suffering. Her faith makes her strong even when things don’t go as she wants them to. Her house is not real big, but her heart is huge and welcoming to those in need.

God didn’t say life would always be fun and smooth, besides how can we learn to be stronger in our faith, and from mistakes that we make along the way.

I received this free copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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Open to the Spirit: A Review

Are your ears unclogged? Heart wide open? Good because that is the only way you really hear the big man upstairs speaking to you. No one likes to be ignored and not listening to God can make a mess of things. Sure, going to church and worshiping is great and Bible Study is also a good thing. However, it’s not enough. Wee need to keep in contact with God everyday and be aware and receptive to what He has panned for us.

In his book, Open to the Spirit, Mr. McKnight explains how this works. The examples of life changing events are excellent examples of how God can work in our lives if we just let Him do his thing. God knows what’s best and even if we don’t always like the answer. We can be sure that our Daddy knows what is best and we will grown and learn from him. So pay attention will ya?

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Isaiah’s Daughter: A Review

Isaiah's Daughter  -     By: Mesu Andrews

Tragedy happens on a daily basis. Terrible things happen and we have to somehow deal with the after effects. Ishma, the main character in Isaiah’s Daughter does just that. Her parents are murdered, she is raped and taken captive. Her fate is changed, however, when a miracle happens and she and the rest are freed and she ends up in the care of Isaiah and his wife, Aya.

Ishma learns through the generosity of Isaiah and his wife that God will take care of you. You can survive the experiences you endure. And she does, by attending a school taught by Isaiah which was unheard of then, and eventually becoming queen alongside childhood sweetheart, Hezekiah.

Her name is changed due to being adopted by Isaiah and his wife to Hephzibah which means : delight of God.

The queen also learns that sometimes change is a good thing as she adjusts to being in a palace and to officials she meets. Her change is for the better, a better life, a future. A family.

I received a free copy of this book from Peguin Random House in exchange for an honest review.

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The Book of Esther: A Review

Determined young lady sneaks out with her adoptive brother, steals a mechanical horse and money from her dad. She is on a mission and will not stop until she reaches her goal. Esther, the rebellious, but passionate young lady, is determined to fight in a war that she is allowed to be a part of. And that she does.

Emily Barton, author of The Book Of Esther, creates a kick but character who is very sure of herself. She wants to help her dad and country and all those affected by the war. So she sets out and meets some interesting people along the way. She originally wants to be turned in to man but realizes she doesn’t have to change her identity to accomplish her goal. Her confidence is there when she repairs her horse, and gathers volunteers to fight.

Even cooler is that she manages to create an army of mostly men but some women join to help the cause. Esther holds her own! She is promised to marry someone she cares deeply for and who helps in the fight against the enemy. Romance is at its finest when at the end of the book, they take off running to kick more enemy but. What a great couple!!

I received this free copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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31 Proverbs To Light Your Path: A Review

Scripture combined with real life experiences, make for reading all of us can relate to. Mrs. Higgs does just that in her book, 31 Proverbs to Light Your Path. The Bible offers wisdom and instruction and Mrs. Higgs breaks it down so the reader can understand what the God is trying to tell them. Each chapter gives straightforward messages and ways to apply to every day living situations. As she states in Chapter 1, from Proverbs 4:18 “The path to righteousness is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.” (pg 5)

Life is not easy and we don’t always get our way, but God has a plan for each of us and it’s the best one! As we so through various experiences both good and bad, we are being molded into what the Big Man wants to us to be. Faithful servants who relish time with him and patiently wait for the next door to open for the next adventure.

I appreciate Mrs. Higgs using her own past as way of teaching us that we can rise above our mistakes, that we don’t have to feel like garbage because we messed up. God loves us and forgives each and every day. He wants us to be good listeners to hear what he has to say. And to have that intimate relationship with Him for rest of our lives. Mrs. Higgs, you nailed it again!

I received a free copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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We Stood Upon Stars: A Review

Discovering who you really can take time. And there are many ways to accomplish this. A road trip through national parks and remote places you may not heard of is how the author of We Stood Upon Stars find his true self. Both funny, serious and sentimental, Mr. Thompson does an excellent job of detailing his journey in finding his true self.

For one, he learns that he can indeed make a repair on the van that is loyal in all the family travels. He then knows a skill that can be passed down to his sons. A triumph in his mind since he was constantly relying on a mechanic to do the work. Now, more confident, he knows that he work on the van and keep going forward.

In Joshua Tree National Park, he learns that the landscape is alive and thriving. Even the rocks that form the many climbing walls for those who seek something a bit daring. Hence, Mr. Thompson is inspired to venture further away from where he was originally going. Rock climbing is not easy and neither is veering away from a familiar path and going someplace unknown. Mr. Thompson does this throughout the trip and finds that it’s refreshing to see what is out there that he hadn’t known about before.

One of my favorite parts of the book is where our author is out surfing and somehow gets attacked by a crab. Now, this is both funny and not so funny as one can imagine the pain this poor man is in with a crab attached to his toe. He tries to get one of his sons to help but his child decides to run the other way. Roger is left to figure out to rid the crab and struggles for several minutes until he is finally free of the creature. Lessen here is that he has to rely on himself when there is no one around to help. And he does. I admit, I was laughing as I imagined him trying so hard to get the crab off his toe, the pained look and maybe a little disgust too.

Each trip we take whether on the road, by air or boat, or even through experiences, we learn that we are going to be alright and that we are stronger than we think we are.

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English Lessons The Crooked Little Grace Filled Path Of Growing Up: A Review

Becoming an adult is not easy, after all being grown up means being responsible and learning to handle the rough patches in life as well as the fun times. God has inventive ways of directing us, doesn’t, He?

English Lessons demonstrates one creative way to being an adult. Andrea Lucado spends time in England studying and while there she encounters people from all over the world. And they prove to be teachers without realizing it. For example, being comfortable with yourself is demonstrated among the British girls who are very relaxed with the way they dress and do their hair and makeup. For Andrea, she learns she doesn’t have to try so hard to prove herself a Christian to anyone. She can demonstrate this through her lifestyle and by being confident.

Some of the students don’t believe in God but they seem to respect Andrea’s beliefs and consider her a friend. That may have come as a shock to her, but in real life we all must be accepting of one another even if we don’t always agree. Heavy stuff. And just the experience of leaving her comfort zone in Texas, proved that Andrea was ready to learn to take risks and learn from mistakes and victories she made.

She also learned to live with less things in the small room she rented while in England, helping her realize that less is more. Experiences are more important than owning a dozen pair of whatever or having an overabundance of stuff. Andrea grew stronger and more confident in herself and she took those lessons with her back to the States.

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Mexico Stories: A Review

Mind altering chemicals coursing through the body causing artificial highs and guns blasting through bystanders and intended victims as an act of revenge or hate,sometimes death. Raw, realistic stories about the drug culture in Mexico as told through stories by Josh Barkah.

The effects of the drug culture are tragic, enticing young people to make fast cash at the expense of their own lives. Gangs becoming their families and support systems. Josh does not hold back the gruesome and sad results of being steeped the narcotics world. As demonstrated in one particular store where an artist is pretty much on the verge of losing his mind due to his neighborhood being gang ridden and his daughter being a user herself. He ends up killing the dealer who has sold her drugs and regrets is the rest of his life.

Another story highlights desperation to leave the country to spare her son’s life so she makes a horrible choice and sleeps with an official who can grant her a visa. Drugs kill and so do the individuals involved with them. They don’t care if we live or die, they just want money and power.


I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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