What to Change…

2013 will end at midnight December 31. The tradition of making resolutions will take place and some will be kept and others will be forgotten. You know, some of those resolutions are a way of making improvements in ourselves. The retailers who advertise the bins that our ornaments are stored in and other items, bring order into our lives. We will know where to find the wrapping paper next year, the tags and maybe outgrown clothes that will be handed down to another. The weight loss ads that will bombard us to trim down and take care of our health, to make us think about making better food choices.
Other resolutions we should be making are to be more accepting of others, to communicate freely and stay in touch with loved ones and friends, via letter. I know that’s a strange concept. I think about the Sports Authority ad that emphasis “Gift of Sport”. where electronic devices have no place, no reason to interrupt the fun you can have while playing outdoors. Interaction is in person, where you can really see each other, details on the face, the movement while playing ball or maybe playing tag. Maybe we should have a day where we don’t rely on cell phones, pcs and other such gizmos and just pick up the phone and schedule time to be with those you care about. Acceptance may come easier than you think, as you get to know the potential friend or acquaintance. Can differences be put aside for all eternity? That’d be one resolution worth keeping.