Those Were the Days

Another great lady has passed away, Miss Jean Stapleton, aka Edith Bunker of “All in the Family.” She was the only one who could reach into Archie’s tough heart and make him the tender soul that he really was. She understood where he was coming from, where had been, and why he behaved like he did.

I tell you a show like that might or might not make it on television today, but it was excellent viewing when I was a kid. Made you think and realize we are all the same regardless of skin color, ethnic background and even gasp, religious beliefs. I always liked the character Miss Stapleton played. I never did think Edith was dumb. I knew she was smart from the get go. Mrs. Bunker always knew what was going on and reached out to all with her kind heart.

True the song that Archie and Edith sang at the beginning of the series defined the actual roles of both men and women. The show itself was a time of change, and change is never easy. Norman Lear is to be commended for bringing such quality work and people into our living rooms. Edith wasn’t a bigot and I honestly think Archie wasn’t either. I just think he was trying to understand what was happening around him, with racial equality finally becoming a reality.
Edith balanced Archie and she really did love him, faults and all.


Well, I wish there more like you Edith, those who come across as unaware but secretly alert and accepting. Yeah, Those were the days. Rest in peace, Mrs. Bunker. I will miss you. The world will miss you.


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