Really Frustrating

While reading the Sunday comics, I came accross one that made perfect sense. Blondie. Dagwood was hopelessly trying to get some help at a local computer store while all the employees kept passing him off to other employees. Why? Because they were all talking on their cell phones, and they couldn’t be bothered. Talk about a horrible commentary on our society today.

Dagwood is told in each panel to talk to someone else, who is busy talking on a cell phone, as in one shows an employee trying to referee a fight between her children, and another gossiping. Now, if that were us in real life, we would be in the unemployment line. The breaking point for Mr. Bumstead is while driving home he encounters a driver with mobile phone in hand, talking and most likely not paying attention to their driving or the traffic. Mr. Bumbstead complains about the idea of everyone possibly having a cell phone in their immediate possession. Can’t blame the poor guy, all he wanted was real, face to face human interaction.

While cell phones can be useful in our very mobile society, they can be cause for rude behavior. Think about it. Have you also tried to have a conversation with someone who’s attached to their cell? I have and it was very awkward. Kept thinking I was interrupting the lady but I had to ring up her purchase back when I was a cashier. She didn’t even notice, didn’t apologize and as I remember, the subject was not an emergency.  Mr. Young, the son of Chic Young, who originally created Blondie, does an excellent job of poking fun at how much we have changed over the years and how ridiculous we can sometimes look and act.

Can’t the phones be put away for a few minutes so we can show some respect to present company? You know, without the text messaging, just actual looking the person and speaking words out of one’s mouth? Possible yes, but only if the effort is made. Mute them, or turn them off, so the ringtone doesn’t become a distraction. You could be on the receiving end of being ignored and that just wouldn’t be pleasant, would it? Why look silly with an extra body part

that needs to be surgically removed from your hand or ear? Show some kindness and take the time to listen, to actually talk to whoever is next to you. You might be impressed by what you learn. And you won’t be disappointed.