The Music Filled Skies

Today another music legend passed away, this time a country music legend who influenced many singers and produced several hit songs. George Jones passed away at age 81. Will he be forgotten? No, because his music will always be played on radio stations, in bars, in homes and anywhere else he can be listened to. He seemed like such a down to earth kind of man, not too flashy just a regular guy doing what he loved best.
Not saying he lived a saintly life, just the way Mr. Jones always presented himself to the public.
Another artist passed away this week as well, Richie Havens, a folk singer who performed at Woodstock. My favorite song by him, “Here Comes the Sun” also from The Beatles, Abbey Road album. What an awesome remake. I can understand why he chose to sing that at Woodstock. The Vietnam War was happening and many were protesting and even more were terrified for thier loved ones overseas. That song provided a little bit of comfort during a time of uncertainty.
And then a lovely actress and singer turned activist passed away recently, Miss Funnicello. I remember watching remakes of the Beach Blanket Bingo movies and they were fun. A diversion, I’m sure, from reality back in the sixities. Something clean and harmless and light.
All I can say is, this planet is mourning the loss but the skies above are a bit livelier now, with great music, acting and grace.
Rest in Peace, George, Richie, Annette. You are not forgotton.


One Ambitious Goal- A Review

OneAmbitiouGoalDorthea Dix rocked in the nineteenth century! She declined her so called duty to marry and do her own thing. High five girlfriend! Now, there is nothing wrong with being a mom and me should I know because I am one, but for Miss Dix being married and having children just wasn’t in her game plan. Oh no.
Dorthea accomplished several goals in her lifetime: The first in becoming a published author and the next a teacher. The most impressive goal was her compassionate determination to make sure that all disabled, mentally ill and imprisoned individuals were treated with respect and cared for properly.
The best parts of the book are where she proves the naysayers wrong as she holds out her hand to touch another person’s hand and the awakening happens. The power of affection, just being allowed to be loved, to know that you are human and are worthy. That’s what I’m talking about. Of course back then anyone one who had mental illness or disability was locked away in horrible conditions and not treated so kindly. Dorthea never gave up and constantly badgered all politicians, local police authorities and make staggering progress.

I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Press and Edelweiss in exchange for reviewing it.
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Sleeping Beauty – Day 87 of The Pollyanna Plan

The Pollyanna Plan

Day 87, Reason 87: Today I am so grateful for the benefits of a decent night’s sleep.

Ahhhh! The joys of sleep! It feels like ages since I’ve managed to sleep well enough for my body to feel properly rested and re-energised.

I know it’s kind of stating the obvious, but it really is quite amazing how beneficial a decent night’s sleep can be for your health, wellbeing and energy. I’ve yet to sleep through the night (does anyone honestly manage that?!) but falling asleep before 1am last night and only waking up a handful of times before getting up at 9am, is progress for me.

To celebrate feeling rested and far, far better than I’ve felt for the past few days, I set off  this morning, out into the big wide world in my car, to do a few jobs. If felt fantastic to be well enough to drive…

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Fortress of Mist- A Review

Thomas is back and man is his mind being messed with. Fortress of Mist is Book Two in The Orphan King series, and picks up with Thomas being ruler over Magnus. People are coming at him with suggestions to follow them and gain power, but he just doesn’t know whom he can trust. Can’t say that I blame him. Mind games seem to be played with each encounter but one common goal, not only to have Thomas join a given cause or group, but to have access to his books of knowledge. Tricks too! Some even try to poison the guy’s food!
Proceeding with caution and ever the curious soul, Thomas is careful about he reveals and the questions he asks of everyone he meets. Even Katherine, a woman from his past, whom he has great affection for, appears to mysterious and won’t reveal all the information that she is hiding. Faith is a huge test in this series and Thomas does finally test his towards the end when proving his innocence. He succeeds.
If you enjoy a mystery and want to keep turning the pages of a great adventure, Fortress of Mist is the novel for you. It’s not just for young adult readers, so grab a copy and enjoy!
I received this free copy from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.
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Shock and Sadness

Yesterday, thousands of people decided to run in a marathon that is tradition in Boston, Mass. Just a regular race with everyone expecting to finish at various times and celebrating their efforts. Unfortunately what happened was not happiness but horror and tragedy. At least three people were killed and many more were injured due to devices being set off near or at the marathon itself.
I kept asking myself, “Why do some feel this need to destroy innocent lives?” “How do they sleep at night?” The impact felt on the families and victims is more than they probably can comprehend. I doubt they are capable. One good thing does come out of such terrible events, is that help is always there. I read how one man offered his belt to another to stop the bleeding due to loss of a limb. Others were trying thier best to protect themselves and help those who needed it. Law enforement was quick to respond and they are to be commended.
Boston, Mass just know we are thinking of you and praying for healing and justice to be served.

In an ideal world, and I know I am dreaming, violence would be unheard of but peace would settle in and stay. There has to be a way to stop loss of life and to make everyday living safe for us all. Gotta wake up now, time to rise and greet another day.

Upcoming Arts and Crafts Shows

Sagittarius Dolly

Despite my recent divorce, I’m still trying to move on with my life. Here’s a schedule of upcoming arts and crafts shows that I will be taking part in over the next month or so.

18" x 18" Show
artdc Gallery at The Lustine Center
5710 Baltimore Avenue
Hyattsville, Maryland 20781
April 29-May 25, 2013
Reception will be held on May 11 from 12-5 p.m. during the Gateway Open Studio Tour

The Greenbelt Green Man Festival
Roosevelt Center
Greenbelt, Maryland
Saturday, May 11, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Sunday, May 12, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

An Exhibit of Works By Members and Friends of PBUUC
Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church
Adelphi, Maryland
The exhibit begins on Sunday May 12. I’ll update this as I get more information.

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Waste of Space

I read an article in the Sunday edition of my local newspaper a debate on whether a woman who is age thirty and up should even have a baby. The two reporters were inspired by the recent news of Halle Berry announcing her second pregnancy at age 46. ReallY?? I had no idea that this was something so newsworthy, so important to even write about. Last time I checked the decision to have a family is a personal one and none of anyone else’s business.
Now yes there are risks involved with older women having children but that doesn’t mean that outcome will be terrible. Many women give birth to healthy babies with proper care and do just fine.
Still I have to laugh sometimes at the media for the subject matters that they choose to write about. Why do we need to know about a celebrities every day life, as in they went to the grocery store, and this is news how??? Oh, let’s not forget that when the President walks around the White House grounds or watches his kids play that is something to report too.
To be honest, I think we are overinformed and have forgotten the term “right to privacy”. Strange, hu? Everyone should have some privacy, some sense of a normal life so they aren’t constantly being stalked by a predatory photographer or reporter or cell phone camera. Techonology makes it too easy to broadcast our actions within seconds of it happening.
An individual’s love life is thier business, their family life is thier business, why can’t we go back to when some information was kept that way. Maybe because many of us are so curious, and have to know more that the media will tell us what we want on demand, regardless of the outcome.
Now back to Miss Berry, congratulations on your second baby and I wish you all the best on your upcoming marriage.

Waking Up

Spring has finally arrived and the earth is up from its long cold nap. The sky is brighter, the animals are getting restless, and everyone is in a better mood.
My dog just wants to be outside more and who can blame him? Being inside when it’s too cold to play outdoors is a bummer. He can defend the backyard again when intruders arrive.
Oh, let me tell you how Max does this. You see, if a bird just happens to perch on top of the fence, and Max spots it, he will run after it, barking as if to say, “This is my kingdom, get your own!” Then was the time a squirrel was in the corner of the fence and was staring down at Max, just daring him to make a move. I watched and eventually the rodent made the first move, racing accross the fence and into another yard. Poor Max, he looked so sad. He just wants to show who’s boss.

Hopefully the grass will actually be green this year and flowers will grow unlie last year when we had drought conditions. The lawn just didn’t look attractive with straw like grass and brown shrubbery. Of course, the coat closet will be full again for several months with heavy coats that won’t get worn again until winter. I won’t miss mine. It can take a long, much needed rest. The sweaters too. Spring allows the earth to dress rather brightly too, with various plants and bright green leaves.
I’w with Max, let’s chase the gloom away and work the engery back into ourselves, renewing what was already there but lay dorment during winter.
I’ll let him guard the backyard though. That’s his domain. Happy Spring!