The Barefoot Queen: A Review

barefootqueen A freed slave is befriended by a gypsy and makes lifelong friends. Caridad, the recently freed slave, is clueless as to how to live on her own. She’s been told what to do all her life on a tobacco farm. She, like the gypsies she encounters, has lived a segregated life. In the eighteenth century, the roles of men and women were clearly defined and unfortunately being female didn’t allow one much freedom.
The Vegas, who take in Caridad face their own dilemma. They are in a feud with the Garcia family that ultimately leads to tragedy. Lives are destroyed when the King decides to arrest all gypsies just because they are gypsies and throw them in prison for seems like an eternity. Ana Vega is one of many who is incarcerated and learns to stand up in the face of harsh conditions and survives the years of being jailed. She manages to escape and during her journey, she finds she is a strong woman, capable of leading others. Her daughter, Milagros is betrothed to the enemy, Pedro Garcia, in exchange for freeing her parents. She gets a reality check when only her dad is freed and not her mom.
Caridad, Ana and Milagros discover that within them they are capable of surviving, making decisions for themselves and facing hardship because they are, in a way, like queens.
I received this free copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.
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