Mexico Stories: A Review

Mind altering chemicals coursing through the body causing artificial highs and guns blasting through bystanders and intended victims as an act of revenge or hate,sometimes death. Raw, realistic stories about the drug culture in Mexico as told through stories by Josh Barkah.

The effects of the drug culture are tragic, enticing young people to make fast cash at the expense of their own lives. Gangs becoming their families and support systems. Josh does not hold back the gruesome and sad results of being steeped the narcotics world. As demonstrated in one particular store where an artist is pretty much on the verge of losing his mind due to his neighborhood being gang ridden and his daughter being a user herself. He ends up killing the dealer who has sold her drugs and regrets is the rest of his life.

Another story highlights desperation to leave the country to spare her son’s life so she makes a horrible choice and sleeps with an official who can grant her a visa. Drugs kill and so do the individuals involved with them. They don’t care if we live or die, they just want money and power.


I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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