Billy Joel : The Definitive Biography: A Review

billyjoel Celebrities seem to be another species altogether, don’t they? We tend to forget they are real human beings too, earning a living in a more public manner. Of course, celebrities are more privileged, as they have more access to people and places than we do. For author Fred Schruers, he wants to see the real Billy Joel, the man behind the singer/songwriter/musician.
Mr. Schruers gives some background about Billy. His parents immigrated to the United States to escape the Nazis. They were targeted by the regime because they were Jewish. Most of his childhood was spent with his mom, Roz and a cousin who became like a sister to him. Billy faced bigotry growing up but managed to rise above and not let that ruin his opinion of others.
Best part of the biography is that most of the songs Mr. Joel has sung over the years tell a story about him. I’ve always believed that artists reveal a little about themselves through their work. Some of the songs were about early relationships with his three wives; others reflected the events of the day. “Goodnight Saigon” is a great example of the singer’s gratitude towards our veterans and how they should be honored for their sacrifice. “Allentown” made us aware that jobs were being taken away from those who worked in the factories and the effect on the communities due to the tragic of loss of employment.
Billy Joel rises above all the hardship he faces over the years, both personal and professionally. He’s a forgiving soul. A former manager bilked him of millions of dollars but some years later, Billy sees him and asks how he’s doing. Not many of us would go that far. Billy states he will quit performing when it becomes a burden to him. For our sakes, I hope that never happens. May the piano keep belting out the music from your heart, Mr. Joel. You are timeless and talented.
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Would You Baptize an Extrateresstrial? A Review

wouldyoubaptize Wow, bet they never get bored reading the emails and letters from curious people. I’m sure they have many interesting conversations about what they are asked. The title made me laugh and I had to read this book. Bet they get whiplash shaking their heads. Hey, who said work had to be boring anyway? The authors delved into some of the questions they get asked both in person and via email. You even learn stuff as you read. Wish they had been my science teachers; they put everything in easy to understand terms.
The title of the book came from a question that a journalist once asked Guy Consolmagno, SJ. His answer? “Only if she asks!” Talk about throwing something back in one’s face. Good answer!! Well, why not? Are we supposed to limit baptism to humans only? And to be honest, if an ET did express an interest, I’d say, heck yeah.
Other questions they are asked a lot are about the Star of Bethlehem, which they don’t really come up with a definite answer, they do make educated guesses as to what could have occurred that night. Other questions concern Galileo, the end of the world among others. The end of world chapter is where they are having their last meal. Hmmm.. Last Supper?
I’d like to see a sequel to this please, gentleman. Ok, on the count of three, start typing.
I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.
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