This can’t be Right!

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it supposed to be spring? Warm weather, flowers blooming and all that stuff? And I look outside and like most, see the white stuff coming down like it was still winter. This is just wrong. Yeah someone has a sense of humor or spring is just being lazy about thier arrival. Personally I am ready to ditch the shovel, the “winter workout” as I like to call it, when I clear the driveway and walkway to my front door.
And the oh so fashionable heavy coat, that one has to wear while driving or shopping or just to keep warm when it’s really cold outside. The accessories can into hibernation too. For a long, long time.They have served their purpose.
Now is the time to wear lightweight jackets, or no jacket, short sleeves and sandals, no heavy snow boots, I tell you!
Oh, please Spring, we miss you terribly, can you make an appearance and stay, for, maybe the rest of the year? Those of us in the colder parts of the US would not complain. Think about will ya? Leave a message.
I can wait.