Sounds of a Season

Heard an Ice Cream truck in our neighborhood, with its carnival like music enticing anyone within earshot to buy their frozen goodies. I remember do just that when I was little. The trucks I remember were round and seem to spin on the streets. They looked so cool. Oh the popsicles, fudge bars and cones, all good on a hot day.
And there are other noises that often accompany summer. Frogs croak up a musical melody for all to enjoy and crickets chirping a chorus especially at night. Birds seem to be more vocal right now as they tend to little ones and themselves. Kids are outdoors riding their bikes and swimming in the pools and playing at playgrounds.
Grills even sound cool as the food cooks on them. Outdoor concerts are cooler outside than in. I don’t know the sound is just better for some reason, maybe because the music floats in the air. Even lawn mowers sound interesting as they cut the grass and leave a sweet smelling lawn behind. Watermelon scented.
The sky is brighter the air seems fresher, just something about this warm time of year. Camping, road trips, picnics, opening the windows to let the breezes waltz in and wake up the musty smell of winter. Traveling light, short sleeves, shorts and sandals. Light packing if you ask me. Sure is appropriate. Sundresses, anything lightweight.
Summer is just more relaxed, easy going as it should be. Vacations are taken, school is out, and you can go on autopilot for a while. That’s a sound I like. To just slow down a while. Just check this picture of my dog, Max, in my backyard. He’s following the mantra of summer, just chillin. Now, I think I hear Mr. Buffet singing about a place called Margaritaville. Where’s my Parrot hat?
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