When Mercy Rains: A Review


Holding onto secrets is a very painful thing to do. Suzanne Zimmerman, the character in the book, When Mercy Rains, does so for twenty years. She’s a single mom, with a teenage daughter named Alexa. She was sent away to have the baby and give it up for adoption. She remains a kind and giving woman, who has raised her daughter to be the same. We get a preview of Suzanne’s pain and the hurt that her mother, Abigail, felt when she was forced to leave her home in Kansas.

Twenty years later Suzanne is asked to come back home and care for her mother who is wheelchair bound. The tension so tight you can walk on it. How dare Suzanne bring her child back to the family home! Her sisters and brother keep a safe distance until they soften up and find it soothing to accept their sister and niece. Grandmother Abigail has hardest exterior of them all. She is bitter and doesn’t hold back how she feels. Eventually she breaks down and realizes family is family regardless of their situation.

It’s Alexa who really takes the sledgehammer to the stone cold hearts and forces them to realize that just because her mom wasn’t married, that God still loves her and has already forgiven her past transgression. When Mercy Rains is about healing, letting go of past hurt and guilt, starting over again in a fresh way.  Alexa demonstrates that with the painting and redecorating of her grandmother’s home and starting a Bed and Breakfast.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Waterbrook Press.

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