Luther and Katharina: A Review

kathrinaandluther.jpbAsking for change in way one practices ones faith is always a challenge. There is a danger too when routines are challenged. Martin Luther was just such a person, wanting change for the better in the monasteries. Monks were constantly abusing their power over the nuns, inflicting oppressive living conditions for them. Nuns were not allowed to do much outside of the church.  However, one such nun set out to escape the harsh life along with several others. And why? Because she dared to read literature by Martin Luther, a rebel in his own time.

Katharina Von Bora escapes with several other nuns in the dark of night, for a better life. A life of choices, such as being able to marry and have a family. Katharina was handed  over to a monastery at a very young age. She feels rejected.  Her family never communicates with her, so she feels unloved and unwanted. The journey to freedom is a dangerous one but she survives. Her world is thrown for a loop when she meets Martin Luther. Martin Luther lives in constant fear for his life but does so with a willing heart. His ideas are scandalous in the sixteenth century and he has many enemies. The idea that yes, monks and nuns can marry is outrageous and that God is in control of our lives and we should pray to him directly is unheard of. No wonder so many are um, shall, we say, out for his head?

Martin and Katharina don’t get along at first, their relationship is full of angry words and pride filled remarks. In the end, though, both realize that they are meant for each other, in spite of the constant threat on Luther’s life, they remain strong and endure all the ups and  downs during their marriage. Just because we have routines, doesn’t mean we can’t try something new, that might make life better. I’m in.


I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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