A Triple Knot – A Review

tripleknot Speaking of “love triangle” this book gives new meaning to old saying. Miss Joan of Kent pledges her undying love to her cousin Ned when she was a child, then hauls off on a trip and meets Thomas Holland, secretly marries him, and the nasty part is she is betrothed to another man for political purposes. Geesh, my head was spinning. A Triple Knot, by Emma Campion, is a very detailed account of a real person.
Joan is one tough young lady and when I say young, back in early centuries it was not uncommon to be promised to another at the tender age of twelve or thirteen. Life expectancy was not long. Today that would be considered a very big no no.
Joan fights the stigma attached to her when comes to her love life. She doesn’t want to marry Will Montagu and he really doesn’t want her either. In fact, it’s the fellas that attract him but they relent and get married and live apart. At one point though, Will attacks Joan, more out of pressure to try and produce an heir than out of hate.
With the help of several loyal friends and family, Joan comes out the victor in the end. Her marriage to Will is deemed null and void, she gets her man Thomas and they have four children and a happy life. Unfortunately Thomas does die from being neglected by a male “nurse”, forcing Joan to take over as head of her home. Lady does a good job. At the very end, she marries her cousin Ned and her life finally becomes stable, safe and sound. Great job Emma Campion.
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O’ Africa! A Review

africa Changing one’s ideas of how others are perceived and finding out who you really are is what O’ Africa is about. Twin brothers, Micah and Izzie Grand are in the movie industry, constantly coming up with ideas for what to produce next. They’re very successful in their chosen profession. However, they do have their weaknesses.
Micah, who’s married and has two sons, is always looking for another woman to bed down. He needs to feel that he’s attractive and worth having. So he cheats constantly on his wife and lies to her and their two young sons regarding his absences. Izzie, on the other hand, is unsure of himself and his ability to craft the films that he and brother produce.
A trip to Africa changes their perspective on how they see themselves and also of other people. The story takes place back when silent pictures were still the number one, the nineteen twenties. Some gangsters have more or less threatened the men into making the movie. The idea is the telling of how African Americans came to be slaves. The tragic and horrific part of history that should never have happened.
Somehow, their viewpoint has changed. They understand that just because someone is different from you, doesn’t make them any less of a person. The Malwiki tribe allows them to use their location as part of the background for their new movie. Micah and Izzie realize that they are smart, creative and industrious. Erases the negative idea in their heads. Both brothers begin to discover new confidences in themselves, especially Izzie. Micah realizes especially once he returns to the States, that his family is more valuable and worth repenting of his infidelity.
They are forced to ad lib during the shooting of the movie, O’ Africa! Which in turns makes them better people. They gain knowledge from their experience.
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Here is Where – A Review

hereiswhereOur history books are incomplete. After reading Mr. Carroll’s book, Here is Where, I realize there are individuals who need some attention paid to them. Did you know there was woman who refused to give up her seat long before Ms. Rosa Parks? Irene Morgan and on July 16, 1946 she refused to give up her seat for a white couple. You go girl! Because of her case, the following was decided:
“Such regulation hampers freedom of choice in selecting accommodations. He goes on to say, “it seems clear to us that seating arrangements for the different races in interstate travel require a single uniform rule to promote and protect national travel.” Wow, a reversal of a dumb law to begin with! Desegregation on public transportation. Hey history book authors, could you please rewrite the textbooks?
Mr. Carroll sets off to discover obscure or just plain out unknown facts about American’s history. He meets some interesting people along the way and really digs deep for answers. And how’s this for awesome? A man by the name of Gardner Colton discovered laughing gas! Yeah that’s right, some anesthesia for patients to inhale without feeling the pain. Think about it, for the longest people had to endure surgery without being under. Can you imagine the horror? Me, I’m allergic to pain and I vote not to think about it.
If you want to know about our past the real stories of those who should be commended, read the book. You will be surprised and pleased. The man did his homework. I think the trip was worth all the effort, and to finally credit those who should have it. Put that in a history book!
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