My Own Time Out

Gave a few instructions to the  young lady who would be taking care of my hair and then sat in the chair let her creativity with scissors, hair dye and an expert pair of hands work their magic. Music playing over the satellite radio reminded of my high school days—Remember The Clash? And while Michael Jackson was singing ”Billie Jean”, I was a teenager again,, unsure of what I was going to do in the future,  scared of graduating to adulthood, but  curious about the next chapter.

Freshman year,   you feel like an ant among the sophomores, the juniors and especially the towering seniors who are more seasoned from experience in what High School is all about. The classes, the teachers, the cool activities like pep rallies, the clubs to join, the best places to go and hangout. Back then and as is now, The Mall was a major hangout spot. Walking around, browsing in stores like Spencers, checking out the cool posters of rock stars  and the black light posters that lit up against special lighting were awesome.

Having friends over to play games or just for sleepovers, staying up late to laugh and talk. Watching cheesy horror movies and The Blue Jean Network for the music. I always liked listening to the concerts on my hi-fi stereo on the local radio station. Imagining begin there among the fans, with my hands in the air, singing along and dancing. The arena lit up by the flickering of lighters like stairs at night. Showing the glow of appreciation from the listeners to the performers who putting on the show.

The neon shirts, the oversized, sweaters,  and lace trimmed socks worn with heels,  my rebellion against the  so-called “preppy look” took place early on with bell bottoms, but eventually gave way to the neater, more pulled together buttons, and polo shirts.  Straight legged jeans replaced the wide legged ones that I once loved. A baby step toward crossing over to the mature side of life.

Short  hair, long hair, blond, brown, now red, braces, glasses and now contact lenses, single now married  and a mother,  I am finally  done with whole process of having my hair cut, styled and colored. Looking in the mirror, seeing that person who has changed so much over the years, from that unsure, a bit awkward and painfully shy teenager, to someone who can speak her mind, and share a laugh, wow! What an amazing journey and what a great time out.


Daring Myself

Nothing dared, nothing gained.” That’s what the message in the fortune cookie said. Interesting comment about how one should seek out new opportunities, no matter how insane they might appear, take some chances, and see where the dream takes you.   Reading about the successes of others inspires me to keep moving forward with my card making.

My peers that share selling space on a very popular arts and craft online shopping site have been extremely helpful and supportive. I get a lot of ideas just from admiring their beautiful handiwork, the intricate details and the time they take to craft what they want to sell. They are amazing and I respect them for what they do. They have dared, and they are gaining.  I’m beginning but my gains will come in their own reasonable time.

Art is everywhere and I notice it in the logos that identify companies, products that we use, that keep our attention and allow us to know about who the corporation is without having to do much research. There is artistry in nature, the color combinations, the shapes, every living creature and rock, mineral, etc… Has an element of an artist’s paintbrush and careful deliberation into how they want things to look.

The great authors who have written books that we read over and over again create art with their words, imagery, with the characters they include, the conversations, the feelings they want us to feel, and the message they want to convey to us. We can’t get enough of the written word, whether in a hand held book with a worn out spine, and dog eared pages, highlighted sentences, or an e-reader, we have to have more. The writer paints with their words and that’s what keeps our interest.  Gaining, oh yeah, Peace of mind and happiness with every word I type and every card I create. I am daring all the way.

Fresh Start

One year has passed and now a chance to do something new. Opportunities to change for the better, to try something we haven’t done before. Take some risks and see what happens. Resolutions have been made and how long they will be kept is a mystery but still they are made with good intentions.

We all want to improve ourselves in some way, whether to lose weight or learn a foreign language or maybe get organized. Ahem, yeah, organized, I resemble that remark. But, hey, at least I am in good company with millions of others in the world. Kind of eases the frustration a little.  For me, I also need to keep writing and working on my card shop. Those are goals that I can’t quit on even though I have my days where I just want to say, “What am I doing?”
“Am I nuts?” Haven’t made a dime from the shop yet and I keep making the cards.

Decided to add more items to the shop, variety. Bookmarks and other things of interest.

Everywhere I look ideas come at me. Magazines, craft shows, internet newsletters, and a book I just glanced at Half Price Books. Yep, insane indeed. But happy no less. Then again, there’s a scene in “Kung Fu Panda” that really stands out. Po is told the so-called “secret” to making noodle soup by his dad. Po then realizes the reason the dragon scroll is blank, that the confidence comes from within and there is no magic formula. He has to believe in himself. And he does.

Discouraged as I may get at times, I will keep remembering that scene from the movie, that there is no magic to being a success, that there is no wand to wave, no spell to recite. I just have to be stubborn, hard headed; ornery me and keep making the crafts that I love to create and writing as I love to do, and keep posting and sharing. Success will follow eventually. For now, I am enjoying the fresh start that I allowed myself. It’s up for renewal.