Knowing God by Name – A Review

knowinggodbyname God’s profile is known by understanding the various names he is called. Cool. In the book, Knowing God by Name, by Sharen Jaynes, Gwen Smith, and Mary Southerland, we find out about God’s personality and true self. The Man is called a lot of names and this time it’s nice!
The book dives deep and explains the reasoning behind the various aliases God himself has been called. For example, Yahweh Hosed, tell us that God does something many of us have a hard time doing: forgiving. The name Yahweh means, Hesed means “a steadfast rock –solid faithfulness “that never ends. (Taken from page 141) How many can say they have relationships like that? The big man forgives and never stops loving us. If we mess up, we don’t have to go into hiding from him. He finds us and then let us knows we are still awesome.
Knowing God by Name offers opportunities to study the Bible at the end of each chapter, and a place to write one’s thought in established journal pages. The Girlfriends have succeeded again in writing a fantastic book, that anyone can understand, especially when they include their own life experiences. See that’s you can relate. Yeah, God is fantastic, and all the descriptions of him are right on!
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for reviewing it.

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Hannah’s Voice- A review

Talk about giving people the silent treatment. But who can blame Hannah after she witnesses her friend dying at school and then watches a murder take place outside of her home? Hannah is removed from her home, and is pursued by zealots who think she is either A. Saint or B. possessed by evil and must be destroyed.

Hannah decides not to communicate verbally because she’s afraid of saying the wrong thing, so she takes to the written word. Throughout her transition into foster care and then back to her home town where she finally gets a reward, full scholarship to college, Hannah begins a new life. She is in search of her mother whom she hasn’t heard from in several years. Apparently mom suffered from Alzheimer’s.

In the end she is reunited with her mom through much detective work and both she and her mom begin the healing process. Hannah regains her voice and mom gets her wish, her daughter.
Five stars!!

Chocolate Chocolate Moons – A Review

chocolatemoon What a great idea! Make fun of society’s obsession with looking a certain way, (thin and beautiful) while also emphasizing our love of food! Awesome!! Imagine being Molly Marbles, plus size lady, who is invited to go to school at the Armstrong University and get this, you weigh much less than on earth! Gives new meaning to weight loss!
Molly Marbles, the main character, goes to the university with her then boyfriend, Drew Barton, and eventually they part ways. Seems Drew is giving in to the competition, CC or Carbon Copies. The story continues as both Molly and Drew gain new lives and loves and then a mystery occurs. Someone has poisoned the chocolate! Molly, with the help of Jersey, and her husband Trenton, set out solve the case.
The book is set the distant future with cool gadgets like using ones palm to take calls, or being able to fold yourself in luggage and then travel. Taking pills in place of meals and not feeling hungry. Sarcasm is the best way to describe the entire book. Even the case of poisoned chocolate is funny. Read and you will won’t be disappointed.
I love the various names in the book, Congress Drugs, maker of “Freedom Plan”, a system of weight loss and maintenance. Similar to the Food Pyramid hu? Or maybe all the diet plans that consumers try out of desperation. How’s this for naming the authorities? Mars Yard! Ms Kingon has written a smart aleck take on why we should go easy on ourselves and you know what, just enjoy who we are. Oh, and some chocolate wouldn’t hurt either.

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for reviewing it. Five stars and big chocolate bar!!

Good God Lousy World and Me A Review

goodgodlousy Being letdown by the Big man upstairs, I can see where the author is coming from. She’s not convinced that God can do anything good. After all, she witnessed her grandmother’s mental breakdown, and not once did she feel the Lord’s presence. She’s very bitter and yet she turns her let down into good. She becomes a human rights activist.
Ms. Burkhalter witnesses many horrors inflicted on those who can’t defend themselves, especially children. She herself goes into therapy for several years to deal with her anxiety and other matters of the mind. Something changes her mind when she meets with Gary A Haugen, president and CEO of international Justice Mission. Finally she begins to let go of the anger, the untrusting attitude that has imprisoned her mind and ability to have peace in her life.
The author does come to see the good that God can do for others and her faith is restored. It’s a long journey, but she makes and doesn’t even need luggage! To be honest, I think God was directing her life the whole time, as she did care for others and wanted to rescue those in danger and in sickness. What the author may not realize is that she was doing the work that God meant for her to do. And she is rescued herself.
I chose this book and was sent for free by Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.

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The Women of Christmas- A Review

womenofchristmas Shock, disbelief, and even gasp, a scandal, are some to the themes in this book. Why you ask? Well, for starters, imagine an elderly woman named Elizabeth becoming a mom and even being told the name of her son. An angel approaches her husband Zachariah, and he naturally is picking his jaw off the ground. And because he doesn’t believe what’s going to happen, he is left mute and deaf for the duration of his wife’s pregnancy. Wow no talking to one another until after the baby is born. Geesh. Even Elizabeth is approached by an angel telling her the same. Prayers can be answered just not always when we want them to be.

The woman is Mary, mother of Jesus, who is told by an angel that she will also bear a son, but he will be called Jesus. That’s right; the Big Guy’s son was to be born via human means. Even more interesting, is that Mary is engaged to be married but hasn’t told her husband to be. Poor guy when he is finally told the news; he has some doubts and ponders what was very rare back in his time: turn away, marry and then quietly divorce or stay married. Mary gets a high five for being so graceful!

Then we have Anna, who is widowed and get this, actually lives in a temple. And she doesn’t leave! And she was a prophet! Talk about a modern woman! She decides to check out baby Jesus while Mary is holding him. I’m sure she was in awe. Mary must have known that the lady was safe because she didn’t run in the opposite direction. Anna was in constant contact with God, praying to him, praising him, and fasting. That’s loyalty!!

I received this free copy in exchange for reviewing it from Waterbrook Press.
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Slow Down!

Has anyone noticed a conspiracy? Well, if you haven’t here it is: I think Christmas is going to arrive before Thanksgiving. That’s right. According the store displays, the commercials, Thanksgiving is just not going to happen! The wish books already came with Sunday’s paper. Ok, wait minute, I’m still working on T-day dinner and they expect me to look a wish books? UGH
On the plus side, my sons are well past the toys advertised in Toys R Us. On the downside, I still have to see the ads. Have retailers forgotten that we need time to plan, to make those lists and check them over and over before we head out to shop? At the grocery store I saw both Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Yeah Christmas trees were set up by the customer service desk as one enters the store. How sneaky!
I guess now we have think ahead and forget that we have a special reason to be thankful this month. No wonder poor Linus gets mixed up on his holidays! The business world is trying to rush the festivities before their time. Businesses always do this in an effort to encourage early shopping and panic. Well I won’t give in. I don’t shop black Friday and I’m not going to sandwich myself among others who are holiday shopping. I will go when it’s quiet or better yet, online. Take that Retail world! Ha Ha!
I just have to plead, Stop! I have to celebrate one holiday at a time, is that okay with you, Corporate America! Now, about this month’s dinner…..