The Son Before Me

The Son Before Me
By Leslie K. Cawley

Receding hairline with faint blond hair
Still clinging to your face,
You are standing still
Sock in each hand,
Twirling them in delight,
I go unnoticed, you are in
Another world
Distanced from mine
Eventually we meet again
Watching a movie
Hearing you repeat phrases
That interest you
Suddenly, a grin
A tease about
A Disney Land Resort
Way too expensive vacation
But you try anyway to ask
Even have the date picked out
Reacting silly you laugh
Next on the sofa with pen
Making lists of who knows what
Serious expression on your face
Very important task
That’s unending but must be done
I see you fill the ice tray
It’s empty and that’s not right
Lining up the movies, the trains
In just the right order
Now you can relax
Meal time, you point
To your food of choice
On the table, but we intervene
“Use your words”
You come back with,
“Macaroni and Cheese, pweese”
Taking seconds is a compliment
You enjoy yourself
Again, routine is important
So taking your dishes to the sink
And looking at us as if we have forgotten
Medicine to be given
You talk with your eyes
More than you can say with your mouth
We understand each other
The mind inside your head is constantly
Working, creating something
That’s a mystery to the rest of us
But maybe it’s a treasure
Exclusive to you
Autism is a mystery but
We wouldn’t change you
You are valuable as you are.

Note: Our oldest son is autistic.


Crash the Chatterbox – A Review

chatterbox Have a confidence issue? Listening to the negative mumbo jumbo insider your head? Well, kick it to the curb for the garbage people to dispose of properly. Crash the Chatterbox, by Steven Furtick, explains how self doubt and second guessing can ruin our ability to try things because we don’t believe in ourselves.
Know what I’m talking about? You tell yourself, “I can’t do this, nothing will work.” Excuses come flying out of nowhere and convince you that failure is the only option. Mr. Furtick gives great examples and advice to help overcome the greatest obstacle: Ourselves. Now the Big Man upstairs never loses faith in us, in fact he’s the biggest cheerleader we have. There are numerous examples given to prove we don’t have to listen to the idiot down below. Let’s see, we take a huge breath, move forward and don’t look back. High five yourself as you accomplish your goals.
I received a free copy in exchange for reviewing it.
For more info (including Author Bio):
Read Chapter One:

Guilty as Charged

Ignorance must be here to stay permanently. Apparently some ignorant individual chose to use the word “retard” in derogatory manner. Of course, if the person is reading this, they probably won’t understand anything that I say. My youngest son was out shopping and was labeled “retard” by someone he came in contact with. I don’t who you are, but your true stupidity is showing like a neon sign at night.
Ever heard of a dictionary? Yeah, that book that contains definitions of words whose meaning you don’t know. Yes, there is an online dictionary for those who don’t have the actual book. The word retard means slow and when you use the word as in insult, you insult my brother, my son’s brother and others who are mentally challenged. I’m glad my son didn’t punch you. I would not stop him if he had.
Disabilities are becoming more public and that’s good. Understanding and acceptance are greatly appreciated. Of course there are those that choose to act like bigots and just treat everyone who isn’t like them like dirt. Then again, if you aren’t respectful to others don’t expect to be treated with respect. Not going to happen.
Don’t give me that,”I didn’t mean it that way.” Yes, you did and no I don’t believe you when you say different. For some unintelligent reason, the word retard is supposed to sound funny. Uh, no. It’s not humorous to use a word in the wrong manner. The old saying, “hope springs eternal” well that’s a joke. We all make choices on a daily basis: good, bad, neutral, or maybe not choice at all.
Just for the record, my son, whom you chose to make fun of, is not mentally retarded. He has a bright future ahead and can do anything he wants to do. He has the smarts, the talent and the ideas to back him up. Everyone is smart; just give the opportunity for them to demonstrate. But you’re the exception to that, because you are a small minded, rude, ignorant human being. Have someone read this to you as I doubt you can.