That Most Surreal Day

Eleven years ago today the whole world change in a matter of minutes. Angry, distorted, individuals who thought they could bully us decided to over planes and ram them into building, injuring innocent people and killing others. We showed them our true colors. Together, we fought back and have been ever since. Everybody stood their ground and did their best to save who they could and find everyone else and remember them with dignity.

Our country is still here and we aren’t going anywhere, not in a corner to hide, not in a cave to forget what the outside looks like. No way. This country is the home of the brave and land of the free. Everyone is welcome to come and live here. Peace is the word. Even though tragedy struck in the United States, somehow all of us are connected in one way or another. Each of us has been affected personally.

We are stronger now, more aware of what we can do, and we will remain united forever, and eventually, someday, we won’t have to worry about attacks happening anywhere ever again. God Bless us all and God Bless America.


Blue sky over bicycle hill

the lazy photographer

I took this a couple of weeks back down at Sugar Beach. I thought the simplicity of the scene and the blue and green really seemed to be working. Of course, it needed someone in it, ideally a hot woman on a bike. But as the Stones have taught us, you can’t always get what you want.

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A Season for Tending –A Review

Taking care of yourself, especially when your past constantly haunts you and makes you feel guilty, can be quite a chore. For the main character in Cindy Woodsmall’s newest novel, A Season for Tending, Rhoda Byler is struggling to release herself from the memory of her sister’s death. Part of the Amish community blames her and the rest, well; they don’t know what to think.

Rhoda has a gift for seeing what is about to happened and for horticulture. She’s a master at tending to her fruits and herbs. She is accused of practicing witchcraft because she uses the herbs for medicinal purposes to help others get better. Her life is changed when she meets another Amish family in need of her expertise for growing things.

Seems not only do they need help on the King Family’s orchard, various members also need some assistance with their own personal struggles. Rhoda is the one who bonds everyone together, who brings everyone out of their shells and makes them realize that like her, they need to “let go” their “guilt” and “enjoy whatever small joys the day brings.” Rhoda summed up her learning experience rather eloquently: “It’s time to do whatever it takes to live and help those around me when the opportunity comes.” Sounds like God talking to her heart, don’t you think?

I received this free book in exchange for reviewing for Waterbrook Press.

Author’s Web Site: (Includes Bio)

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Read Chapter One:

How Hard Can It Be??

Scam free but you must pay a registration fee for our services. Hmmm… I don’t know. Makes me wonder what their definition of “scam free” is and how legitimate they really are. Looking for freelance work as a writer is not easy and neither is looking for any work at home position. Unfortunately there are more false claims of wealth and opportunity than there are real jobs to be found.

Still..the true and honest ones are waiting to be discovered, just have to dig deep into the internet and do some researching. Yes, I do my own independent investigation before I ever sign up with any business. Called the BBB and it’s my best friend. If I can’t find anything on them or their sites looks suspicious, I run the opposite direction. Momma didn’t raise no fool. Sad when you have to ever so careful of who you might come into contact with nowadays since there are individuals who don’t care if they take the money and put it their pocket and leave you with nothing.

How do they sleep at night? And why can’t they learn the difference between reputable and dishonest work? Guess that’s too hard for them or they just like the easy way out. They pack up and leave town and start over somewhere else under a new name. Pathetic.

This is my criteria for a potential employer:

1. I’d like to your actual name so I can look you  up. Vague emails go against my better judgement.

2. What type of content are you looking for.

3. Type of business and what you do.

4. No false claims of instant riches, please, I will just laugh and say “next”

If you do answer my questions honestly and I can find information on you, I might just decide to take you up on openings.

Give me reason to want to work with you, explain to me why you are better than the rest and what you can do for me.

I know what I can do for you, I can offer my talents as a writer, creative thinker, customer service and more. Just tell what I need to know and I’ll take you into consideration.

I will get back to  you a in few days…

Now was that so hard??