A Season for Tending –A Review

Taking care of yourself, especially when your past constantly haunts you and makes you feel guilty, can be quite a chore. For the main character in Cindy Woodsmall’s newest novel, A Season for Tending, Rhoda Byler is struggling to release herself from the memory of her sister’s death. Part of the Amish community blames her and the rest, well; they don’t know what to think.

Rhoda has a gift for seeing what is about to happened and for horticulture. She’s a master at tending to her fruits and herbs. She is accused of practicing witchcraft because she uses the herbs for medicinal purposes to help others get better. Her life is changed when she meets another Amish family in need of her expertise for growing things.

Seems not only do they need help on the King Family’s orchard, various members also need some assistance with their own personal struggles. Rhoda is the one who bonds everyone together, who brings everyone out of their shells and makes them realize that like her, they need to “let go” their “guilt” and “enjoy whatever small joys the day brings.” Rhoda summed up her learning experience rather eloquently: “It’s time to do whatever it takes to live and help those around me when the opportunity comes.” Sounds like God talking to her heart, don’t you think?

I received this free book in exchange for reviewing for Waterbrook Press.

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