English Lessons The Crooked Little Grace Filled Path Of Growing Up: A Review

Becoming an adult is not easy, after all being grown up means being responsible and learning to handle the rough patches in life as well as the fun times. God has inventive ways of directing us, doesn’t, He?

English Lessons demonstrates one creative way to being an adult. Andrea Lucado spends time in England studying and while there she encounters people from all over the world. And they prove to be teachers without realizing it. For example, being comfortable with yourself is demonstrated among the British girls who are very relaxed with the way they dress and do their hair and makeup. For Andrea, she learns she doesn’t have to try so hard to prove herself a Christian to anyone. She can demonstrate this through her lifestyle and by being confident.

Some of the students don’t believe in God but they seem to respect Andrea’s beliefs and consider her a friend. That may have come as a shock to her, but in real life we all must be accepting of one another even if we don’t always agree. Heavy stuff. And just the experience of leaving her comfort zone in Texas, proved that Andrea was ready to learn to take risks and learn from mistakes and victories she made.

She also learned to live with less things in the small room she rented while in England, helping her realize that less is more. Experiences are more important than owning a dozen pair of whatever or having an overabundance of stuff. Andrea grew stronger and more confident in herself and she took those lessons with her back to the States.

I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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