Elsa Schiaparelli, a biography: A Review

elsa Woman makes it big time in the Fashion Industry with some very unique ideas as to what women should have been wearing. Elsa Schiaparelli, fashion designer in the 1930s, 40s and fifties, knew her craft well. The book, Elsa Schiaparelli, a biography by Meryle Secrest, delves deep into the designer’s past and ends with her death. And respectively, I might add.
Elsa was determined to make something of herself and with a homemade creation of her own doing; the desire to make clothes took off from there. She may have been difficult to get along with at times, or work with, but reading the book you also find a kind hearted woman. Get this; she actually managed to hide a small child under her coat from the German soldiers. This was during the reign of Hitler himself. She helped the child get through so he would not be separated from his mom. What a lady!
Practical features on some clothes were extra large pockets on suit jackets so women could carry all they needed. Ingenious! Her imagination went nuts with various things such as insect shaped buttons, a large lobster on an evening dress. Why not? I like that she didn’t follow anyone’s rules. And she succeeded too! Some of her designs were a commentary on the events of the day, such as oversized pockets and the accessories she added to the many outfits that were created by her and her devoted team. Eventually, her health declined, so did her career in the clothing industry. She still traveled as much as she could and managed to stay in touch with her daughter, and grandchildren. I also like that she worked as a single mom. How’s that for unheard of back then? In spite of her so called cold demeanor, we get to see a real picture of a hard working woman, trying to make the best for herself and those around her.
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What? Really?

My inbox is full of messages, a majority being what I want to read. However, there is a dark side to email. You know, SPAM!! Yes, those claiming that I have won a foreign lottery and for the low price of a handling fee, I will be rich. Hmmm..Can’t remember signing up for another’s country jackpot. But they try to entice me by saying it’s an obscene amount of money. All for me.
Oh yeah, then there’s the mysterious relative who’s decided to leave me a fortune. Detailed instructions are given so I am sure to get my money. Yes, I really want to lose my identity to a moron who thinks I am gullible enough to believe them. Sad commentary on our society, isn’t it. Frauds are everywhere and they won’t go away until we stop responding to them.
Just the other day I received a bright yellow postcard stating that I may have already won a gift card to Wal Mart. My heart broke when it said my name or current resident. Geez, and all I had to do was call the toll free number and collect my winnings. Such teasing!
One person or persons was bold enough to pretend to be the FBI, wanting my personal info so they could send me my large amount of cash. Sure, you will. Is the FBI moonlighting these days? Are they hurting for income? Snicker, government spending you know. And let’s not forget the individual who comes off as nice but then tells me not to play with his patience. Hey dumbwad, you don’t know where I live and I ain’t going to tell you.
Of course, let’s not forget the so called “business proposition” and the email I am to answer to. They never give details about the venture. Wonder if they are embarrassed to say what they are doing? Sure I’d love to have some extra income, but not by stuffing envelopes, falling for a pyramid scheme, nor do I want to write for a living for a non existent company. The ads are funny, make $1,000 doing what? And you can’t find the address to check them out. Make untold riches if I just follow the instructions we give you. Ok, what are they? You must sell this useless product that no one will want.
Good thing about the spam email, it can be deleted, thus saving me valuable time to read more important mail. Oh wow! Publishers says someone with my initials could be the next prize winner. Man, I better jump on it. See you later!