Bored! Bored! Want More!

Joshua had a problem at the day program he attends. He knocked over a cart full of activities that he was supposed to have done and then lashed out at the staff. I can see his point. Now wait a minute, you are probably thinking, why would take his side? His behavior wasn’t acceptable and he was disrespectful to the supervision he had so …what’s your point lady? Variety! Joshua is like most of us in that he wants to do something different on occassion to break up a routine so that he can look forward to his day. Some anticipation, mystery as to what will I do next? What’s new? And how much fun will it be? Joshua likes to be challenged with academic work too. He may be 19 and technically out of “school” but he likes to do math, reading, and writing. He wants to use his mind, that briliant, wonderful collection of thoughts that he shares with us whenever a Disney idea pops in it or when he wants to go out to eat or maybe just to express how he feels.
Keep the busy going and Joshua will be happy. Stop and you will see an ¬†unsettled young man pacing the floor wondering why the action has¬†stopped. Why can’t we continue? Sure the computer is fun, but what else is there? Dvds are great but only for s long. The world is so huge and offers endless discoveries to explore that I maybe I should put on khakis and take a compass and just see where I end up. That’s I what I believe is going on in Joshua’s mind, even though he can’t tell us. And somehow, we will do our best to go on that adventure with you, my big guy.