Echoes of Mercy – A Review

echosofmercy History lesson indeed. Child labor at one time was considered the norm, and so were the working conditions. Early in the twentieth century, many children under the age of fourteen were employed by various companies, saving them the task of paying good wages. Cheap Labor. Companies profited more when they paid less. Eventually that all changed.
Caroline Lang, the main character in the novel, Echoes of Mercy, is sent to investigate the death of a co worker. She is hired on at a candy factory and so begins the nosing around by asking questions that make the rest uncomfortable, particularly the boss, Gordon Hightower. He does not like Ms. Lang’s constant curiosity into the workings and goings on in the plant. He intimidates the employees, especially the ladies so he can maintain control. What an ego!
Caroline discovers that the plant has underage workers and that they along with the female employees are underpaid. With assistance from Ollie Moore, the owner’s son, she brings justice to the plant. The employees really do win the battle. Caroline also discovers why her past wasn’t so pleasant, so she could help others by understanding how they feel. Fulfilling one’s mission established by the big man himself, can be very rewarding. And that’s what Caroline learns.
I received this free copy in exchange for reviewing it.
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The Three of Them

Each took some planning, in the head and on paper. Patters determined and fabric chosen, meticulously pieced together. Then once pattern had been played with, placing pieces this way and that way, a work of art was created. Each with their own interpretation.
The first, with muslin and checkered colors, turned out to be trimmed in light purple checked pattern, with butterflies placed strategically, pastel checked colors of green, purple, blue and pink. They stand out against the white and create a soothing cover for chilly nights. The time it took to make was worth it, the idea that popped into her head when she decided to make the quilt. She knew what she was doing and it is still being used today. For 36 years, that quilt has taken me through middle school, high school and married life.
The second, orange, white and other colors, made with love and care, again the detail and planning made the comforting blanket become a beautiful way of saying “I Love You”. Each pattern, vibrant as the person who sewed the pieces of cloth, warm and cozy, has been through multiple moves since getting married to the maker’s grandson. Many a night, the orange has eased the chill.
The latest addition, a brilliant collection of navy blue, green, pink against a cream background, handmade by experienced hands, in a diamond pattern. Many hours were spent deciding color, pattern, and size. Tells me that the person is a hard working individual, with a creative mind, who made this quilt with much care. No elaborate embellishment, just a beautiful work of art with a particular recipient in mind.Each fabric, color, and stitching, resent themselves as loving reminders of family that say together, help one another, and take care of each other. The purpose of any family, providing warmth in the heart with hugs, with words that calm, and hands to hold. The three of them remind of family, and each time they are used, I feel the presence of the makers, each with something different to say. Fabric hugs meant to last forever.

Blades of Valor – A Review

bladesofvalor Who is Thomas really? That’s a question he asks himself throughout his adventure. When some power tripping, evil “priests” arrive in Magnus, Thomas leaves to try and save his kingdom from the so called holy men. (They’re actually Druids in disguise). They have Magnus enslaved under their way of thinking.
Blades of Valor, the fourth and final in the Merlin’s Immortals series, is outstanding! The author keeps you guessing as to who is good and who is bad. During his journey to Jerusalem and back to England, he learns the value of having a strong faith. He does not give up his kingdom! He’s the one salvation that Magnus has. I think too, his perspective changes a little when he decides to go undercover as a beggar. Life from another point of view. And the abuse he endures while trying to find a particular book is wild! This book is what both the Druids and Immortals are hunting down.
Yes, the ending is awesome and surprising as the author keeps you guessing on every page of the book. Yes, Magnus is returned to Thomas and the citizens are released from the Druids. Now, Mr. Brouwer, can you start another series? I’m ready for more!
I received this free copy from Waterbrook Press and Edelweiss in exchange for reviewing it.
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Sun Stand Still: A Review

sunstandstill Wow. You really need to listen to what the almighty has in store for you. You know, like creating a business that fulfills a specific need? Using your talents to go full speed ahead. That’s right. Steven Furtick nails it when he writes about asking God to do “can’t happen?” into yes it can! He really knows how to light a match under our seats.
Various examples are given including the author’s experience. He and his wife leave the familiar small town to live in a big city. Gives new meaning to being a stranger in a strange land. What happens next is awesome! Ministry is started and even a church. Instead of hiding from what he was being called to do, he just ignored the negative and went for it. Other real life examples are demonstrate this: a young girl addicted to cutting herself because she thinks she is ugly, finds the love of God and stops. Another, a drug addict whose children have been taken away from her, hears the big man’s voice and cleans up, gets her kids back and a brand new life!
Biblical illustrations are presented such as Joseph after enduring many years of hardship comes out a victor. Moses who has the extraordinary task of leading the Israelites out of Egypt and then actually parts the red sea! The man had skills! Individuals coming in faith to Jesus to be healed are healed. There are many more incredible people mentioned the book. Read and be enlightened. High Five!
I received this free copy from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.
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