Moving Forward

Today was interesting and a bit exhausting too. My son took the first step toward adulthood and applied for his first job and then talked with a driving instructor about driving lessons. Wow, go man, go! Whew! My day at work was frustrating and drawn  out but you know, that’s okay, I have to be able to handle those aggravting days when things don’t go as well I want them to. If something doesn’t work, well, try again.

That’s what my son and others just entering the real world as we call it, are going to face. Ups and downs and challenges they haven’t encountered before because maybe they weren’t exposed to them. I keep telling Zachary when he goes to college there will be  professors with outlandish ways of thinking but he will just have to respect them for their behavior. To me, they just open the mind that much more and make you understand what they are trying to teach you. You learn that way. Never have to accept but do respect and enjoy the ride.

The 2012 Senior class is just now realizing that class is over and they have to keep moving ahead, without the bus ride, without the greeing from the principal or announcements in the mornings. Scary and exciting at the same time, we have been there. They can handle it. They just need to take slow breathes, exhale, and pass go. The higher education is wating and so are the summer jobs that will help fund the tuition, books, and other necessities like gas for the car. Oh, and don’t forget the take out, too. Just need to call the Driving School tomorrow and …..


What to Do?

Have to resist the calendar of events now. No more looking at the yearly schedule of holidays and meetings and dances. Wow! The first time in twelve years we don’t have to adjust to what the school has to offer. Will be interesting but manageable. Freeing I suppose.  Our son is actually out of High School and on to the next phase in his life. And that means a new chapter for myself and my husband too.

We can plan more freely now instead of worrying about the school field trips and when vacations are. We just plan and go. Oh man! What a treat is that! Maybe this is our chance for more indepence too, a challenge to grow as well. Something to look forward to and experiment with, dip our feet into and see how it feels and keep on submerging until we are swimming all the way with our heads up. Just like our son.

Growing up is hard but rewarding, doing for oneself without assistance is freeing. The reward comes when you see the accomplishment, that’s the pat on the back, the smile on the face. Zachary is on  his way and so are we, now where can go next???

Paying My Respects

Soldiers, sailors, pilots, marines, they have paid the ultimate price for our freedom: their lives. Some of have made it back, some have gone on to peaceful places that don’t include the living. Being away from family and friends for long stretches of time is hard, wondering how everyone is coping and everything is running smoothly. Of course, they have a job to do and they do it well.

Being a former Navy wife, I can understand the incredible sacrifice the armed forces make each day and their families as well. Think about it.  They are making touch decisions regarding our freedom and how to make the best of what could be a terrible situation, particularly in war torn areas. Or maybe they are in a place where the family just can’t go because the stay is too short. Loved ones that stay behind must tend to the children if they have them, take care of the house, and make of all the decisions alone.

Taking on the mentality that no one else is going to do this so I might as well, and no need for anyone to be worrying, you just do what you have to do. Feels good to know that you are capable of making things work on the home front.

The armed forces also have to make the daily operations run with precision, without error  hopefully. Everyone has to work together as a team and pay attention to any changes and any special instructions. They help each other in time of need, of injury, they’re family. Moving from one place to the next is common and to be expected. After all it is active duty. Can’t expect to stay put in one location for the rest of your enlistment.

Traveling around the world and stateside, all of the men and women who have served and are serving and will serve deserve to be remembered for now and always. Even if we don’t always understand everything they do or agree that they have to ship out during a special occasion, we salute them and love them anyway. I stand at attention to all of you, past, present and future.



Final Destination

May 25, 2012, he walked onto the stage, after waiting what seemed like an eternity for twelve years and was handed his diploma. Looking around at his friends, I can only imagine what he was thinking. Wow, there are buddies of mine I’ve known since first grade! And look! That girl lived on my street for a few years! Man, the field trips, the class parties, the weekends we played in the street. Has it been that long? Are we really ready for the next the big step? The principal answered that question: yes, they are and they have earned it.

When I observed the students sitting in the rows on the main floor, I saw small children, on the verge of adulthood, eager to explore and take on the new challenges ahead of them. Exciting nonetheless and wondering where each will go from here. Every Senior has worked so hard to earn thier diploma and to walk the stage and to be congratulated. Every camera that clicked, video camera that shot thier movements, and applause that said,”Great Job!”, meant their efforts paid off. They have bright futures ahead of them and they will succeed.

The red gowns worn the young men and white gowns worn by the young ladies, with pride and dignity, and with the turn of the tassel, they let the world know that they have made the final destination from childhood to becoming the wonderful, productive, adults, we know they can be. And what a trip the next will be! Congratulations to my son, Zachary and to the rest of the graduating class of 2012!!

He’s Got the Look

My son Zachary is graduating this friday, May 25, 2012, after twelve long years of hard work in school. His dad and I look back at his life in pictures at the little boy from infancy to toddlerhood to schoolage and now young adulthood and just can’t believe that the time has come for him to make the next move. Transitioning from the comfort of school teachers allowing you extra time to turn assignments to a professor who says it’s  your choice, is a bit scary to say the least.

Entering the work force and clocking in when scheduled and following bossses’ orders will be an adventure for him, as he’s  never worked before either. It’s be good for him, though. He will become even more independent than he is now. Zachary will learn how take care of matters he hasn’t thought of before. The money earned will go toward daily cost of living and school and he will learn to budget. Inching ever further away from myself and his dad, he’s becoming his own person, determining what to do and when. His opinions are strong and the constant questions he asks show he’s interested and willing to learn more. Life lesson for all of us: You will encounter multiple opinions that vary from yours, respect them.

Meeting the public and intereacting with them on a regular basis versus just being around classmates all day will open him up to being more understanding. Better problem solving skills so that if a dilemma is tossed his way, he can handle it. Right now, his biggest is just realizing that the school days are over and he’s actually graduating. When I asked Zach if he was excited about his big day, he just had a look void of emotion, which told me he is conflicted. He’s both excited and scared as this is huge. For any Senior in High School, it’s a big deal, and one to be proud of. We’ve all had that look of terror before: leaving the famliar and actually having to enter this alien lifestyle that we know absolutely nothing about, but are curious nonetheless. He’s ready and we’ll be there to watch him go down the road to success. Congratulations, Zachary! You’ve earned the look!

You Were Born For This- A Review

Miracles, they do happen, just ask anyone who has experienced an extraordinary event in their life. Maybe they were faced with a life-threatening illness and they pulled through, or maybe somehow they found a relative they had lost touch with. The book, “You Were Born For This”, by Bruce Wilkinson, author of “The Prayer of Jabez”, discusses the subject of miracles being performed by everyday people in various circumstances. Mr. Wilkinson uses Bible verses to illustrate the great power that miracles have and why God wants us to minister to others by reaching out in times of need.

The miracles that are mentioned are real, they have a profound effect on the individuals, and their faith in God increases because someone takes the time to care. Bruce provides seven keys for us to listen to God and actually carry out His mission of love while changing the lives of those around us. Whether there’s a financial need, a relationship to be mended or someone needing to get out of an unsafe situation, we can provide the outlet for the right path, the right mending. We just have to open our hearts, our ears and be patient, and know when God calls us to do His work, we will honor Him by following His suggestions. Yep, God’s love is a miracle and that was proven when Jesus died on the cross and came to back to life on the third day. Good job, Mr.  Wilkinson.

I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.

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Mother’s Day

Mommas have  progressed haven’t they? Being able to work outside the home if they so choose or work from home or just stay home, the options are endless. Well, some parts about being a momma will always remain. (This also applies to those who take on the role of mom). Let’s see it all starts with this little bundle of what are we going to do now once we get him or her home syndromne. You know what I mean. Rushing to check on the baby to make sure they are breathing, sleeping, wanting to hold them as often as possible.

Next thing you know you have a mobile one who wants to be chased all over the house ond yard or maybe the playground. Someone who also keeps you up at night on occasion when they are sick, who needs a little extra attention, maybe a trip to the doctor or a treat slipped in on the side. Not that I have ever done that, mind  you. Ahem. Safety latches have already been installed for peace of mind but somehow they find a way into something. I can remember blue ink being intricately drawn all onver a wall in the kitchen. Hmmm.. sneaky hu?  Guess the pens should have been hidden on higher ground.

Here comes the yellow bus to take them to school, to learn things about thier world that they need to know. Making new friends, to invite over for playdates, for birthday parties, sleepovers, or as one of my friends did once, to “kidnap” and take to McDonalds to play with her kids. Of course, I knew and they had a good time. She is still like a mom to them. This is the time when our kids slowly let go of our hands, when being a mom isn’t as important to them as we’d like, although it’s a very slow process.

Dating, dances, sports, can I have the keys to the car please? Don’t hug me anymore and for pete’s sake don’t choose my clothes for me. Oh geez another shopping trip with mom or dad, how uncool is that. Yep, the teenage years, when the youngster in them is in fighting with the adult they really want to become. You know you want to keep them under your wing as long as possible, to try and protect from the whatever is out in the real world. Strings have to be cut and they have to learn to fly on thier own. When they stop needing us as much, when they decide for themselves on a regular basis how they want to live, and especially when they take thier diplomas in their cap and gown, that’s when we have done good, don’t you think? Happy Mother’s Day!

The Wild Things Live On

Great sadness in the world of children’s literature occured today. Maurice Sendak, author of “Where the Wild Things Are” passed away at age 83.  I remember reading the beloved book to my boys when they were little, and imagining that they were in the book too. Dressed up and pretending to be a willd thing, going on adventures, and having a rambuctious time. I can also remember watching the gentle series “Little Bear” on Nicklelodeon, and enjoyng all the fiun that Little  Bear had with his friends and how well he got along with them.


Mr. Sendak brought out the fun in childhood and in ourselves. I read that he poked fun at some relatives while writing “Where the Wild Things Are”. Hope they had a sense of humor. I doulbt he meant any harm, as I saw the book as a loveable way to ignite an imagination, young and old. Most of us will only remember, the beasts and the little boy who played with them, and that’s okay. The story taught us to go out and do different things, to take some chances, and maybe laugh at ourselves for being silly.

The Wild Things will never disappear, they keep making a  fuss, keep boys and girls iinterested in reading and in using thier imaginations. Rest in peace, Mr. Sendak, we will take care of the Wild Things and LIittle  Bear and all the others you created by sharing them with everyone around us. Adventures will continue as we cling to the bears and wild beasts forever because we love them too. Now where is that book, I have to read it to myself….

Where I’m Coming From

Been on a mission for several years now. What mission? To go back as far as my family history takes me to see where I began. I have been fascinated by the idea of where my  heritage lies and who my ancestors are. So far the adventure has been a productive one. The family trees on both sides have been growing, especially my daddy’s side, and I am learning more as a new person is added to a branch or birth certificate, or maybe some documentation about an interesting event.

One educational discovery is that I have family who came over on the Mayflower from England. I am wondering if both sides did this as there are relatives that lived in Halifax, VA and  and King James, Va and other cities in Virginia. Knowing where the root of the all the ancestry takes place is a joyful process for me as I want to learn about everyone who lived where they lived, what they did, and how they impacted the rest of the clan so to speak. Recently a new relative contacted my cousin who has been extremely helpful in conducting the family history research and now more members are being attached.

Have you ever wondered where your roots began? What country or countries your beginnings took place and how during the growth process, all the branching out made the members go thier ways and become who they are today? Do you ever wonder if you have multi heritage and not just one?  I do. There’s Irish, some Norwegian, a believe a little Native American and others in my background. I don’t claim to be full blooded anything but just me and that’s good enough. But the story of how the family started, and progressed, is something I want to preserve for future generations so that they know more about theirselves, a bit of a history lesson. Hasn’t it been said we learn from the past how to manage the future? Hmmm..I want to know all of the editions, all  of the volumns and I don’t want them to end.