It’s Good to be Queen: A Review

queenHer Royalness finds her way to King Solomon without using GPS! Genius. Although I’m sure everyone in her party were ready to pull their hair while traveling.  I mean seriously, in ancient times, on camel, in the desert for the most part. No sunscreen either. Geesh and ouch. Well, the Queen of Sheba does have awesome qualities about her. And in her book, It’s Good to be Queen, Mrs. Higgs, says just that.

What we can learn about this rockin queen? Well, she was determined to learn more than she already knew. Didn’t want to go to a library,if there was such a thing back then. Oh no, the woman wanted to travel to a new land to speak with King Solomon himself. You go girl. She had heard of his wisdom through reports from others and wanted to check him out and see if was for real. Yep, she was impressed.

Sheba teaches us that we need to open our minds and hearts to learn about things we don’t understand so that we can appreciate them. For instance, differences in people. We learn that she brought some serious swag to the kingdom but didn’t present it until the end of the meeting. Smart woman. Sheba teaches more than just being curious about someone or something, she teaches us about grace, forgiveness, and being kind. She found out about Solomon’s wisdom and how he ran his kingdom. The Big Man upstairs kinda helped. Just a little bit.

Even though there isn’t much documentation, if any, about this meeting of two powerful people, you can just imagine how it all went down. The caravan Sheba brought with her, the entertainment Solomon provided and feasting that went on. I’d be ready for a nap.

Once again, Mrs. Higgs, rocks the topic she has written about. Hey, maybe we should all get a crown and flowing robe and see what it’s like to be royal. On second though, I will just wear my house shoes.

I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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The Time Garden: A Review


Little girl discovers new and wonderous places inside a clock. Being a kid is fun, isn’t it? You get to create whole new characters and places and scenes as you go. That’s what The Time Garden is all about. And did I also mention it’s a coloring book, too? Who says there’s an expiration on who can color? Daria Song takes us into magical places inside the clock. Our greeter is a fairy at the door, waiting to guide us through our travels. No dress up required.

As a kid, I used to imagine what existed beyond what I saw. Maybe toys did come to life after we go to sleep just like Raggedy Ann and Andy or like the characters in Toy Story. Curiosity overcomes the little girl in the book and she decides to see what’s inside the clock and where it may lead her. I can see her floating in the air and making new discoveries and friends along the way. The Time Garden is one book that will never fade away. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a play date with my crayons, markers and colored pencils.

I received a free copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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