Sisterchicks On the Loose- A Review

sister Talk about finding one’s roots! A trip to Finland leads to discovery for longtime best friends Penny and Sharon. You see Penny has only known her mother up until her death in her mid fortiies. She promises herself and Sharon that a long distance trip will take place in the distant future, maybe after the kids are in college> Nah!

Hesitant Sharon agrees to fly over to Finland with Penny after much convincing and then along the way they meet various people. Penny tends to be more sociable, more open. And Sharon is just more reserved. And that’s where the discovery takes place.

Both Sharon and Penny change once they reach Finland and finally meet Markeeta, Penny’s aunt and possibly only living relative. Markeeta helps them emerge from themselves. Sharon decides to take chances, to try new things, and Penny is determined to enjoy life and not give up hope. Seems the “wild” Penny ompliments the “quiet” Sharon. Who says you have to be alike to be friends?

I received a free copy from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.
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I actually read that a children’s book is on a banned list. For real. Seems a tale about little boy who has a fit while wearing a costume is considered taboo. Hmmm…. So “Where the Wild Things Are” is a terrible book? That is too funny. And completely ridiculous.
Kids do have temper tantrums from time to time as the boy does in the book. Oh my goodness. Children can’t be expected to behave perfectly all the time. How strange would that be. No exciting days of tug and war about what to wear, eat, getting ready for whatever is planned…
This week is “Banned Books Week” and I have noticed other books are on the hit list. Why I have no idea? Those who go on witch hunts don’t really bother to actually read the books thoroughly they just look for certain words and then make an ignorant judgment. Sigh.
For example, “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Nell Harper Lee. Yes, there is talk of race the n word. The book is more about those subjects. Let’s see, an innocent man is on trial for a crime he did not commit but because his skin is black the town just assumes he is the criminal. You have an attorney fighting for justice to set the man free and make everyone realize they have the wrong person. Some little kids discover a man who has been shut out from the world because he is different and befriend him. Yeah, that’s terrible alright. Remember, authors write about the events of their lifetime.
Want more? Well, there are authors such as Vonnegut and Salinger who have been banned all for the language. Again, if taking the time to read and understand what’s being written, one can appreciate the great work. That’s the problem with those who don’t, they make the snap judgments, in the name of doing what’s right, but in the end they do more harm than good. Go out and read a book all the way through, and if you don’t like it, fine, just make sure to have a real reason. However, a surprise might be waiting for you, could turn out fantastic! Gasp!

Am I Missing Something?

We live in the United States, a country filled with people of all ethnic backgrounds and beliefs and such. So why is it that racial profiling has to take place when someone who not white or black gets crowned Miss America? Remember the horror upon finding out what Paula Deen said? And no, I don’t excuse the use of that word either. I don’t believe in profiling anyone just because. Come on, let’s get past the awful thinking already. Last time I checked we are all part of the human race and everyone who is born in this country is, gasp, an American citizen.

What’s next? Are they going to try and force the pageant to only include certain ethnic groups and not others? I doubt they’d succeed. As I recall, people come from all over the world to live in America every year for a better life, more opportunity and most do become citizens. Why is that so bad?
Remember the term Native American? They were here first, us second. Think about it.

If I had the chance to personally send a letter to Nina Davuluri:

Dear Nina Davuluri:

I apologize for the disgusting remarks that have been splattered all over the internet. Shock and embarrassment come into my brain as I read about the comments tossed directly at you. You do not deserve any of them. Miss America, please keep on being the gracious young lady that you are, hold your head high and be proud of yourself.
You represent us with dignity and honor, go out there and fulfill your obligations and dream big! I hope every goal is reached and then some.
I am very proud of you and want you to know that I believe in you.


Leslie Cawley
Proud to be in the United States


The crickets are serenading me
outside the window along
with other insects and bugs.
They remind me that the sky
will be black soon and
white lights will dot the night.
Their lullaby is soothing as they perform
a monotone syllables. Air is cooling down
from the hot humid sun
Fresher now since the rain,
Washed the earth during
A late night temper tantrum
With a thundering attitude here
And lightening one there
Mother nature sure has her moods
Happy, sad, angry and then she can
Be indecisive, not knowing
How she feels. The argument
Between sun and clouds
Sometimes emerges on partly cloudy days
When she wonders whether gray is her color
Or yellow
Right now, it’s turning into sundown,
Pajama time and eventually heads will
Touch the soft pillows that comfort them
Causing restful thoughts, loosening tension
And collapsing into deep slumber
Recharging, preparing for the next time
We meet again and see what happens next

I wrote this today because I had been frustrated over having writer’s block. The ideas were in my head but they wouldn’t budge into print. Now that I am calm again, they are freely entering the print stage. Enjoy.