That Most Surreal Day

Eleven years ago today the whole world change in a matter of minutes. Angry, distorted, individuals who thought they could bully us decided to over planes and ram them into building, injuring innocent people and killing others. We showed them our true colors. Together, we fought back and have been ever since. Everybody stood their ground and did their best to save who they could and find everyone else and remember them with dignity.

Our country is still here and we aren’t going anywhere, not in a corner to hide, not in a cave to forget what the outside looks like. No way. This country is the home of the brave and land of the free. Everyone is welcome to come and live here. Peace is the word. Even though tragedy struck in the United States, somehow all of us are connected in one way or another. Each of us has been affected personally.

We are stronger now, more aware of what we can do, and we will remain united forever, and eventually, someday, we won’t have to worry about attacks happening anywhere ever again. God Bless us all and God Bless America.


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