How It Is

My alarm decided to break down this morning so I was late getting to work. When I woke up it was lunch time already. Its Monday’s fault, I had to get up early so I can’t think straight. The dog wanted to play so I played with him. The coffee maker broke so I couldn’t get my caffeine fix for the day. Publisher’s Clearinghouse left a voice mail telling me I had to stay home. Could be my great day.
Ran out of pens, had to go to Walmart and the person in front of me was taking forever to get checked out. It’s Tuesday’s fault. The sun is out and I need to get a tan. It’s raining and I don’t want to get wet. Ah man, the dryer has eaten my socks, got to buy more. My car is wet and it needs to dry. Bad hair day can’t be seen with frizzy, out of control hair, what kind of impression would that make? The cable went out, so I couldn’t check the forecast. Why take a chance? My favorite band is in town and I want their autograph. My favorite outfit is in the washer. Tried to start the van with the house key, woops. Okay to go to work in pajamas? The electricity went out and didn’t come back until noon today. UGHHH, no post it notes, whatever will I do? Was hungry so I ate breakfast and lunch together. No sense in going to work now, right?Its take your dog to work day, my dog wanted to go to Dog Park instead. Sorry. I put both contacts in my right eye, silly me. Nooo, can’t run out of coffee, wake up juice of the gods. Sam’s Club, here I come. Oh dear, the refrigerator is empty. Have to grocery shop now. QVC is running a special on designer clothing for cheap, can’t miss it. But the ad said, but two, get one free, I bought something similar, doesn’t that count? So much for Wednesday, middle of week, I am confused, if the middle of the week is Wednesday, where does it begin? The stress of it all.Shucks! Raining on my head, no raincoat, time go back inside. My dog told me to buy the cake, honest he did. He’s good that way. Van needs a bath and because it’s dirty, I don’t want to contribute to the air quality. It’s Fridays fault, the end of the week, I’m brain drained, fried, and incoherent. I need someone to sign my excuse slip. Volunteers, please.


Strangers at My door: A Review

strangersatmydoor Inviting people you don’t know into your home, with seedy pasts, probably doesn’t sound like a good idea. For Jonathan and his wife Leah, it’s fantastic. What better way to learn why others make tragic mistakes. Their inspiration came from an overseas experience when they were in Iraq in 2003.They almost lost their lives when their truck hit some shrapnel in the road. However, some residents took them to a town called Rutba for medical assistance.
Interesting how we sometimes judge others just by appearance or by their past. Jonathan and Leah move to small town in North Carolina, called Walltown. The name says a lot, how there’s an invisible division between people who don’t understand one another. The author and his wife decide to open their home to anyone in need. Of course they do sit down with the referring group to ask questions in order to know who they are inviting over. Many of the individuals do have criminal records, some are homeless. You find out why, some through no fault of their own, and others because crime seemed to be the only way to make a living.
The so-called “strangers” become part of the family, celebrating the good and mourning the bad. Jonathan and Leah reach out to their community by feeding them, clothing them, giving shelter. They also try to help them become independent. Yes there are few who relapse and never return to clean living, in spite of the best efforts. Jonathan understands their reason and doesn’t condemn them. His heart breaks but he doesn’t give up on the ones who are at the house. Something about a verse, where Jesus says, he was a stranger but he was welcomed inside. In a way, we are strangers to each other, because we haven’t given ourselves a chance to introduce our true selves. It could happen.
I received a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review from Waterbrook Press/Convergent Books.
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Dancing on the Head of a Pen: A Review

dancingonheadofpen We all have our own rhythm when it comes to writing, that certain flow of putting ideas into words and making them mean something to the reader. Mr. Benson does just that and allows the reader to enter the mind of a writer. His own. He describes the process all writers go through, the subject matter, where to get inspiration, and how to proceed with the business of expressing oneself.
I like the hats the author wears while he is creating the next read. His gamer hat, a baseball cap, the beret, and the fedora. The gamer hat, is the trial and error, the practice of figuring out what will make sense to the reader. The beret is the creative train of thought, the rewriting and editing of the work before him that eventually leads to the fedora, the end result. The fedora being a polished, sophisticated hat, is the final result of all the brainstorming, the rewriting, the editing, the breathe that one finally takes once the work is published.
The way a writer thinks is interesting, like how we are sometimes afraid of mentioning out loud, a thought; because we’re afraid someone may steal it. And how the influences are everywhere, role models in the form of other writers we admire, people we know, where we live. The list is endless. Makes writing both a challenge and a treat. That’s how I see the dance, all the moves you use to create that work of art, the disappointment and satisfaction, knowing you have done well. Time for me and my dance partner to get to work. Pen and paper please.
I received a free copy from Waterbrook Press in exchange for an honest review.
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