Articles to write for magazine submission are jumping around in my  head. Trying to organize them and then tailor them to the particular magazine I send them to. Will they be accepted? Rejected? Keep trying, Giving up isn’t an option even when you get disgusted and want to scream! (Yes, I have those moments) Eyes wide open, don’t close them, don’t want to miss a thing. No disappointment, just an opportunity to be stubborn enough to send another and another until you see your name in print. Eyes open, don’t close them, don’t want to miss a thing.


Just How I See You

Okay I have to get on a platform and state what’s on my mind. I think everyone is human. There I said it. Strange, hu? Too look past a wheelchair or maybe the fact that someone may have mental disability, but hey I tend to be just that way. Disabilities don’t define a person nor should they. There are examples of people who have succeeded in life because they had the desire to and I firmly believe the support they needed. Helen Keller, Stephen Hawkins, Ray Charles, to name a few. And yet, sometimes we get in the habit of describing others as “the one who can’t walk” or “can’t see”. I’d rather talk about the person as a human being first, disability far down the list.

 My beef even goes further than just special needs. I don’t like describing others by race either. I get uncomfortable with it. I don’t necessarily like to say he/she is black or whatever. Wish someone could tell me if there’s a better way. We come from all over the world and can’t be boxed into package. Yes, we are different, of course we are, but the one thing we all are is human. And we do share some basic feelings, wants, and needs, even if we have different reasons for them. It’s okay, we’re together in one world tied together through the bond of just being human.

Ideas to Try

Crazy, scary and yet exciting idea to write the book, and now to create greeting cards for anyone who wants to purchase them. The comfort zone is fading away forcing me to be bolder. My sons are bold in their own ways. My youngest is working on a book and has many other ambitions to fulfill and I know he will. My oldest just isn’t aware of what others think about him and that’s how we should be. He’s constantly trying new foods, which a major accomplishment for him, and his vocabulary is increasing to some degree as well. May not sound exciting to anyone else, but to my husband and I that’s sheer joy since it’s taken up to now (he’s 19) for him to reach these milestones. Patience and love and good people have helped.

My other son has matured and changed too. He’s trying new things, unafraid of getting up on stage and performing or playing football. Telling jokes, and even helping to create a computer game with his friends. Incredible and go son go!!

They have led me to believe that change isn’t so bad even I am terrifed of it, to stand up and take the chance because what i try might work, and I am stronger than I think I am!