Ripples Along the Shore- A Review

ripplesalongtheshoreHumbling? Sure. When Caroline returns to St. Charles, Missouri due to her husband’s death in the war, she finds herself itching to start all over all again. A new life, with new opportunities and happiness. There are obstacles in her way. She’s single and there’s a chance to move out west but because she is unmarried she can’t travel unescorted. Bummer.
Now the novella continues with a possible suitor in a slick talking Mr. Lewis G. Whibley who later gets a much deserved slap on the face. You go girl! And then a couple of other potential gentlemen also come into her life, one who sparks an interest and the other not so much. Well you see this is a dilemma for her.
The message for the main character and for the rest of us, though, is to be patient and to “Humble yourself before the Lord and he shall lift you high” (James 4:10). She bides her time while getting a job at a general store and eventually is offered a chance to be a nanny for a family who happens to be traveling out to California.
Overall, the book is good but I would like to have read more about her adventure as I was curious as to how would end. But maybe that’s the whole idea behind this type of book, to keep you guessing. I’d say Caroline was smart after all in her decision to wait for God’s guidance, don’t you?
I received this free copy from Waterbrook Press and Edelweiss in exchange for reviewing this.
For more information: (Including About the author, Mona Hodgson)


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