That’s Entertainment?

There’s been advertising lately for a brand new show and yes, that can be something to look forward to. However the one I am referring to is, well, a rather ignorant choice of programming and shows a lack of imagination on the executive’s part. You know , I doubt they are capable of having an imagination.
The show debuted yesterday on ABC. I am guessing that the only subject the audience wants to see is sex.
Now before anyone sends hate mail, let’s think about this, most, not all, are intrigued by sex. It’s everywhere. The media uses it to its advantage to get our attention for everything from chewing gum to salad dressing. Does the phrase, “Let’s Get Zesty?” and shirtless man ring a bell? true, it’s cheesy and ridiculous at the same time, because salad dressing is not sexy.
Do we really need a series about cheating? How about something different like maybe being faithful? Or hey go back in time to the seventies and see how original some of the programming was then. Seems they really focused on what was going at the moment.
There’s just not much to watch anymore so I just don’t.
Yes, there are some quality programs out there worth watching, but degrading us with crap material like Mistresses just isn’t the way to entertain. Yes, there are stupids who will cheat for selfish reasons but we don’t need a show to tell us about it. Just glad there’s the option to not watch and that’s just what I won’t do. I will take other shows over this anytime any day of the week. Thank goodness for freedom of choice.


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