Really Bad Girls of the Bible: A Review


Adultery, murder, wanting to be top dog in the corporate world, sounds like the soap operas that air daily on television. Guess what they could be but these are about the “Really Bad Girls of the Bible” by Liz Curtis Higgs. And yes, they are minus some important characteristics like a heart, for one and compassion for another and absolutely no remorse for their actions. Take that back, the author offers examples of her not so clean past but she does show remorse and has moved forward by the grace of our Lord.

Who should I mention first? The woman who was brought to Jesus to show him up. She had been caught in the act of committing adultery. I guess the holier than thou thought they were being slick. Those Pharisees crack me up. They wanted to punish her by stoning her as was the law back then. Jesus didn’t fall for it. Smart man. Instead, he threw it in their faces. He dared each of them to admit they had never sinned in their lives. Too funny and you know, they couldn’t . I get it, don’t play that dumb game when you yourself are not exactly spotless. Actually Jesus takes it step further and tells her she is forgiven and to stay clean. How about that?

Here’s another example one heartless, um, person? Althaliah wanted nothing more than to be queen, I think she was power tripping. She tried to kill everyone in her way, family included. She coached her son to follow her footsteps and boy did he.They took sacred objects from a temple and used them to worship their false god, Balls. Talk about a wack job! But then, the would be queen herself met her fate and was killed. So much for ruling the world.

 Higgs also weaves in modern day fictional stories to help provide some explanation for the Biblical. There are lessons to be learned and here are some: First, these ladies didn’t care what others thought of them. Nope, they were most important and that was that. Second, they did their best to accomplish their goals, however disgusting they were. Third, I honestly believe some were proud of themselves. We, too, should not let opinions of others stand in the way  of what our life goals are. Second, we need to take the steps to meet our goals in life whatever they may be. Most important, though, we should never ignore the Big Man upstairs. We should let Him live in our hearts and minds everyday. High five, sister! You did good.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Blogging for Books.

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