Saffire: A Review


Widowed cowboy sent on a mission to check on progress of Panama Canal and mysterious deaths of some of the workers. Interesting indeed, especially when the President of the United States sends you. You go. Unfortunately for the cowboy, James Holt, he has to endure some painful experiences in order to solve the mystery.

He meets a young lady who goes by the name of Saffire, who is looking for her mother. She keeps bothering the man in charge, Colonel George Washington Goethals. Apparently mom supposedly left the country but Saffire refuses to believe that. I wonder how big of bottle of aspirin the man had on his desk? He was constantly being asked to take care of various problems the locals had. As for James, he sets off asking lots of questions which leads to some torture but if not for Saffire, he might would have endured worse. That woman seemed to arrive at just the right time.

James doesn’t want to stay in Panama any longer than he has to but keeps getting delayed by one person or another.  James seems to be on top of what has been going on, noticing  traps along the tracks that seem to knock a person over, hmmm. Seems someone was trying to sabotage the entire build. Power tripping I am sure. Well, in the end, James does get his report back to the Mr. Roosevelt and not only gets reunited with his daughter, but gains a wife, Miss Raquel.  Mr. Holt is one tough guy, he survives the mistreatment along with making some new friends. He goes back to the Dakotas where he has peace again  and cattle to manage. Once again, Sigmund Brouwer has written a very detailed and page turning novel. High five.


I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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