The Women Of Easter: A Review

Fierce is all I can about the women in Liz Curtis Higgs’ book, The Woman Of Easter. I mean seriously, they stayed with Jesus even up and including his burial. They witnessed the crucifixion for crying out loud. Even when the disciples hauled but knowing that one of them would betray our Lord Jesus, they were there. High fives all around.

We know the story in the Bible about how Jesus was shaking things up and causing the high and mighties to be jealous of His teachings. I guess their pride got the better of them. And of all the ones to betray Jesus, Judas does just that. He rats Him out for some reward. Selfish and cruel if you ask me.

Mary of Bethany, Mary Magdaline, and Mary of Nazareth all stood by Jesus, and I’m sure their hearts were broken when He was tortured and then hung on the cross to die. Of course, we all know why He did. To give us a way to forgiveness and to show the greatest love of all. Laying down one’s life for another. I can just imagine the pain that shot through their hearts and that of our Savior. What a gift when He was born and a gift when He did and came back from the dead. I almost think it’d be funny for the priests and others to actually see Jesus wandering around town again, their jaws dropped to the ground! And the shock and excitement of the ladies when they come back to tomb to take care of the body. Jesus you rock is all I can say!

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31 Verses to Write on Your Heart: A Review

31 Verses to Write on Your Heart

Going through the day to day and wondering if you are doing alright can be challenging. After all, we are capable of messing up and feeling bad later. You know the beat ourselves up over some mistake we have made? Well, in Mrs. Higg’s newest book, 31 Verses to Write on Your Heart, there is hope. In spite of what we think of ourselves, there is someone who likes as we are. No joke.

For instance, in Chapter 18, which is titled Lovely Thoughts, is verse from Philippians 4:8 that essentially says whatever is good to think about ponder instead of the bad. Now that is hard to do my friend. We get so caught up in the negative that we forget there is good out in the world and in each other.

Check out the verse and see for yourself: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.” (page 91) There is some wisdom in that verse. Dwelling on the negative will only bring you down, make you feel bad and not so confident. So why bother? Because it is our nature to do so. There is something so theraputic about letting go of toxic thoughts, Can I get an amen??

There is one verse that really sums up how we feel about ourselves. I give you part of Isaiah 43:1- Don not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name and you are mine.” (page 142) No need to be scared of God if we screw up. Heck He knows we will, are not perfect! But yet we can take comfort knowing that our sins have been taken away at the bloody cross so that we can be confident that our Lord and Savior loves us always and doesn’t turn away from us. That rocks!

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Home on the Range: A Review

Hiding from your past isn’t such a good idea. Not acknowledging what has happened and moving forward can be disastrous in your everyday life. Relationships are rocky, confidence is shattered and life itself just plain bites. For Nick Stafford he has been doing that for several years. Hiding behind work and his daughters and trying to protect them from the fact that their mother ran off and doesn’t want to be part of their lives anymore.

Nick is asked to meet with a family therapist named Elsa Andreas, in hopes of helping his daughters move forward. His one daughter, Cheyenne is living in a pretend world where momma comes back and all is good again with the world. Dakota, her younger sister, doesn’t have memory of their mother, Whitney. Elsa tries to reach out to the girls who are reluctant to open up about their hurting hearts. Even Nick is not so enthused about seeing this lady. He’d rather be somewhere else, anywhere.

Eventually, though much talking and activities, Elsa brings out the girls and they do become stronger and better able to let go of the past and accept their mother for who she is, a, um, alcohol loving lady who likes the company of other men. Elsa also remembers her past and realizes that to paraphrase the author’s words, it’s how you handle life past, present and future that matters.

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Saffire: A Review


Widowed cowboy sent on a mission to check on progress of Panama Canal and mysterious deaths of some of the workers. Interesting indeed, especially when the President of the United States sends you. You go. Unfortunately for the cowboy, James Holt, he has to endure some painful experiences in order to solve the mystery.

He meets a young lady who goes by the name of Saffire, who is looking for her mother. She keeps bothering the man in charge, Colonel George Washington Goethals. Apparently mom supposedly left the country but Saffire refuses to believe that. I wonder how big of bottle of aspirin the man had on his desk? He was constantly being asked to take care of various problems the locals had. As for James, he sets off asking lots of questions which leads to some torture but if not for Saffire, he might would have endured worse. That woman seemed to arrive at just the right time.

James doesn’t want to stay in Panama any longer than he has to but keeps getting delayed by one person or another.  James seems to be on top of what has been going on, noticing  traps along the tracks that seem to knock a person over, hmmm. Seems someone was trying to sabotage the entire build. Power tripping I am sure. Well, in the end, James does get his report back to the Mr. Roosevelt and not only gets reunited with his daughter, but gains a wife, Miss Raquel.  Mr. Holt is one tough guy, he survives the mistreatment along with making some new friends. He goes back to the Dakotas where he has peace again  and cattle to manage. Once again, Sigmund Brouwer has written a very detailed and page turning novel. High five.


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Really Bad Girls of the Bible: A Review


Adultery, murder, wanting to be top dog in the corporate world, sounds like the soap operas that air daily on television. Guess what they could be but these are about the “Really Bad Girls of the Bible” by Liz Curtis Higgs. And yes, they are minus some important characteristics like a heart, for one and compassion for another and absolutely no remorse for their actions. Take that back, the author offers examples of her not so clean past but she does show remorse and has moved forward by the grace of our Lord.

Who should I mention first? The woman who was brought to Jesus to show him up. She had been caught in the act of committing adultery. I guess the holier than thou thought they were being slick. Those Pharisees crack me up. They wanted to punish her by stoning her as was the law back then. Jesus didn’t fall for it. Smart man. Instead, he threw it in their faces. He dared each of them to admit they had never sinned in their lives. Too funny and you know, they couldn’t . I get it, don’t play that dumb game when you yourself are not exactly spotless. Actually Jesus takes it step further and tells her she is forgiven and to stay clean. How about that?

Here’s another example one heartless, um, person? Althaliah wanted nothing more than to be queen, I think she was power tripping. She tried to kill everyone in her way, family included. She coached her son to follow her footsteps and boy did he.They took sacred objects from a temple and used them to worship their false god, Balls. Talk about a wack job! But then, the would be queen herself met her fate and was killed. So much for ruling the world.

 Higgs also weaves in modern day fictional stories to help provide some explanation for the Biblical. There are lessons to be learned and here are some: First, these ladies didn’t care what others thought of them. Nope, they were most important and that was that. Second, they did their best to accomplish their goals, however disgusting they were. Third, I honestly believe some were proud of themselves. We, too, should not let opinions of others stand in the way  of what our life goals are. Second, we need to take the steps to meet our goals in life whatever they may be. Most important, though, we should never ignore the Big Man upstairs. We should let Him live in our hearts and minds everyday. High five, sister! You did good.

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Jefferson’s America: A Review

jeffersonsamericaWanting to expand America’s horizons, Jefferson made sure there were several people out there doing just that. Lewis and Clark, to name the most familiar. He wanted the United States to grow, to become more than a few states. Julia M. Fenster does a  great job of explaining in great detail how this was accomplished.

In Jefferson’s America, we learn that there are some sore spots between the U.S. and Spain and France.  The latter two not wanting to give up what they claimed for themselves without much arguing and negotiating. They had some sneaky ones telling all sides what was going on. Can’t trust anyone.

Lewis and Clark, in addition to others such as William Dunbar, set out to explore the  infant land to see what lay beyond what they already knew. And not without hardship, either. Many got sick or died due to various reasons, such as frostbite and  hunger. MIssion was accomplished, though. Jefferson being the stubborn one that he was, got Lousiana and set the pace for more expanding. Gotta love a guy who wants to  send explorers on a wild field trip.


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There’s no Room

Hate, why is it part of our dna? Why do some feel it necessary to be so vile that they harm another person or go even further and kill them? Yes, I am in shock over the Stanford rape case and the Orlando shooting. My jaw is still on the floor from the so called outrage from the rapists parents who have their heads in the sand about what their son did. They actually believe the young lady is lying. How?  Two university students discovered her unconscious with Brock assaulting her.

How is she lying when she woke up not knowing what happened until she was informed. I am so glad those two students called the police and attacked Brock. He made his choice, knowing better. And, no the flimsy excuse of college culture cannot be blamed for his despicable behavior. Not all students drink and not all take drugs either. There is no shame in the lady wanting to remain unknown, She is traumatized and will be for the rest of her life.

In Orlando, 49 people lost their lives and there is a preacher who is mad because he didn’t “finish the job” Seriously? You call yourself a man of God and you vomit hate out of your mouth? You accuse anyone who is part of the LCBT community of being a child molester? Where is your proof, you evil person. This is the same as racial profiling. Suggesting that just because one is of a different race they are automatically a criminal? And you wonder why so many laugh at Christianity? Well, duh.

I would like to know how Brock’s family would feel if someone close to them were raped? Would they just accuse the victim? Would they brush it off? I want a world where hate is ripped out of our beings and love and companssion and kindess rule. But I guess that’s in a fairy tale book. Where do I find this land?

The Naturalist: A Review


Hobbies can have amazing results. Some may enjoy creating paintings and sell them for a living, while others may enjoy cooking and publish cookbooks and maybe teach others how to prepare delicious meals. For Theodore Roosevelt, nature was his thing. At an early age, Mr. Roosevelt developed a love for all animals, great and small. He had asthma and was limited in what he could do. Staying indoors was the safest option at the time. Didn’t stop him from being curious about animals, though. He even carried the love into his presidency.

Mr. Roosevelt would kill animals and then stuff them and keep a collection. He’d study their physical features as well as their habitats. He eventually contributed the Natural History Museum in New York and the Smithsonian in DC. The specimens were carefully prepped for shipping from expeditions in Africa and in the Midwestern United States. At the time, hunting for sport was accepted.

Mr. Roosevelt was the first to think about establishing national parks and also limiting the duration one could hunt. Hence, the hunting seasons we have today. He didn’t believe in wiping out entire species. He did, however, believe in bring the animals to the people to observe and see firsthand what they were like. His passion was passed down to his son, Kermit, who accompanied him on an African hunting trip.

Mr. Roosevelt didn’t allow his poor health to stop him from enjoying all of his interests. He kept moving forward. Darrin Lunge, the author, did an excellent job of presenting our former president in a humane light. Now, we know he was a pioneer of sorts, turning a hobby into something real for everyone to enjoy.

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A Flight of Arrows: A Review


Learning to forgive oneself for a horrible deed is very hard on a person, even when others have forgiven you and moved on. The pain that Reginald Aubrey feels from switching two infants causes him to keep everyone at a distance. For him, if they get close, the hurt will just magnify that  much more. In the second novel of the Pathfinders Series, a year has passed since Aubrey revealed to his adopted son, William, his true identity, that William is actually half Oneida. William has gone to fight in the Revolutionary War.  Everyone is fighting against on another and that just makes the whole situation worse.

Reginald uses his pain as a shield  from those who want to be closer to him, including his adopted daughter Anna and Lydia, a woman who has fallen in love with him. William has fled his heritage, knowing his true ancestry is that of half Native American and half white. But both seem to working this conflict in their souls with help from others. Anna wants to marry Two Hawks but he wants Reginald to heal first before they do. William is in turmoil and wondering if this fighting is even worth it. He has a change of heart once he sees his twin, Two Hawks and his father, Stone Thrower.

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Stone Thrower’s ultimate sacrifice of his life in exchange for Reginald’s  seems to be the moment that Reginald and his son William let go of the pain, the guilt and learn to love those around them with new hearts and healed souls.


Is That All?

My jaw dropped when I saw the article. Old Navy has an ad featuring an interracial couple with their handsome son. Gasp, it’s considered “controversial” by some who actually think that interracial marriages are wrong. Some are claiming a type of “genocide” to white people. LOL, yes I find this mentality funny. First of all, most of us are of mixed ancestry. Go check your family frees and do the research on your ancestors. Second, there is nothing wrong with couples of different races being attracted to one another and marrying.

I’ve heard the argument that the kids won’t know who to identify with or that some from each race might not approve. For the child, I’d say be proud of your multi heritage and embrace it. Learn all you can. For the naysayers, shame on you, it’s your loss. Their gain. I can kind of identify with this situation since I am sister to a special needs brother and have a special needs son myself. Yes. prejudice runs rampant everywhere. In ideal world, we would have no need for hate, for discrimination and all the negative stuff that we bring into the world.

I hope Old Navy stands upright, and doesn’t back down from the  narrow minded few. Multi racial families and friends are everywhere and they are not going to disappear. We are all of one race. The human one, unless some have forgotten and it’s time to put the ignorance aside, to kick the bigotry to the curb, and welcome acceptance, kindness and compassion into our hears. That’s all.