Open to the Spirit: A Review

Are your ears unclogged? Heart wide open? Good because that is the only way you really hear the big man upstairs speaking to you. No one likes to be ignored and not listening to God can make a mess of things. Sure, going to church and worshiping is great and Bible Study is also a good thing. However, it’s not enough. Wee need to keep in contact with God everyday and be aware and receptive to what He has panned for us.

In his book, Open to the Spirit, Mr. McKnight explains how this works. The examples of life changing events are excellent examples of how God can work in our lives if we just let Him do his thing. God knows what’s best and even if we don’t always like the answer. We can be sure that our Daddy knows what is best and we will grown and learn from him. So pay attention will ya?

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

From Peguin/Random House

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