The Book of Esther: A Review

Determined young lady sneaks out with her adoptive brother, steals a mechanical horse and money from her dad. She is on a mission and will not stop until she reaches her goal. Esther, the rebellious, but passionate young lady, is determined to fight in a war that she is allowed to be a part of. And that she does.

Emily Barton, author of The Book Of Esther, creates a kick but character who is very sure of herself. She wants to help her dad and country and all those affected by the war. So she sets out and meets some interesting people along the way. She originally wants to be turned in to man but realizes she doesn’t have to change her identity to accomplish her goal. Her confidence is there when she repairs her horse, and gathers volunteers to fight.

Even cooler is that she manages to create an army of mostly men but some women join to help the cause. Esther holds her own! She is promised to marry someone she cares deeply for and who helps in the fight against the enemy. Romance is at its finest when at the end of the book, they take off running to kick more enemy but. What a great couple!!

I received this free copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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