The Hum Of Angels: A Review

Angels are all over the place and have been since God created them. Yeah, that’s right. Angels. The Big Man’s assistants who let us know that we are loved and cared for. Wow, being a father of that many kids, mind blowing! Kids do misbehave, do silly things and mean things and well, you get the idea. Angels are there to instant message us God’s love and protection even during not so great times.

In his book, The Hum of Angels, Mr. McKnight relays experiences both Biblical and modern day. Think Adam and Eve giving in to sin and being kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Angels stood guard to keep them out. Or how about the time when Abraham was told to sacrifice his son? That took real faith because an angel appeared and let him all was ok that God provided a lamb to sacrifice instead. God knew Abraham would obey but I bet Abraham was more than relieved to see the lamb and not his son dead on the altar. I’d be hugging my sons until they tell me to stop already.

Modern day example is found on page 73 of the book where a lady relates the story of her daughter being in an accident and talking to a nurse name Mary. Mary talks with her and comforts her letting her know her daughter and unborn baby will be alright. Now, here’s the cool part, as taken from the book, “The next night I went back to thank Nurse Mary for sitting with me. I was told there was no Nurse Mary and no nurse fit her description. (pg 74) Whoa, if that is not confirmation of the existence of angels, I don’t what is. I believe in angels and they do help in every way imaginable, even in ways we may not like but our for own best interests.

I received a free copy of the book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. For more information:

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