The Women Of Easter: A Review

Fierce is all I can about the women in Liz Curtis Higgs’ book, The Woman Of Easter. I mean seriously, they stayed with Jesus even up and including his burial. They witnessed the crucifixion for crying out loud. Even when the disciples hauled but knowing that one of them would betray our Lord Jesus, they were there. High fives all around.

We know the story in the Bible about how Jesus was shaking things up and causing the high and mighties to be jealous of His teachings. I guess their pride got the better of them. And of all the ones to betray Jesus, Judas does just that. He rats Him out for some reward. Selfish and cruel if you ask me.

Mary of Bethany, Mary Magdaline, and Mary of Nazareth all stood by Jesus, and I’m sure their hearts were broken when He was tortured and then hung on the cross to die. Of course, we all know why He did. To give us a way to forgiveness and to show the greatest love of all. Laying down one’s life for another. I can just imagine the pain that shot through their hearts and that of our Savior. What a gift when He was born and a gift when He did and came back from the dead. I almost think it’d be funny for the priests and others to actually see Jesus wandering around town again, their jaws dropped to the ground! And the shock and excitement of the ladies when they come back to tomb to take care of the body. Jesus you rock is all I can say!

I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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