There’s no Room

Hate, why is it part of our dna? Why do some feel it necessary to be so vile that they harm another person or go even further and kill them? Yes, I am in shock over the Stanford rape case and the Orlando shooting. My jaw is still on the floor from the so called outrage from the rapists parents who have their heads in the sand about what their son did. They actually believe the young lady is lying. How?  Two university students discovered her unconscious with Brock assaulting her.

How is she lying when she woke up not knowing what happened until she was informed. I am so glad those two students called the police and attacked Brock. He made his choice, knowing better. And, no the flimsy excuse of college culture cannot be blamed for his despicable behavior. Not all students drink and not all take drugs either. There is no shame in the lady wanting to remain unknown, She is traumatized and will be for the rest of her life.

In Orlando, 49 people lost their lives and there is a preacher who is mad because he didn’t “finish the job” Seriously? You call yourself a man of God and you vomit hate out of your mouth? You accuse anyone who is part of the LCBT community of being a child molester? Where is your proof, you evil person. This is the same as racial profiling. Suggesting that just because one is of a different race they are automatically a criminal? And you wonder why so many laugh at Christianity? Well, duh.

I would like to know how Brock’s family would feel if someone close to them were raped? Would they just accuse the victim? Would they brush it off? I want a world where hate is ripped out of our beings and love and companssion and kindess rule. But I guess that’s in a fairy tale book. Where do I find this land?


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