Is That All?

My jaw dropped when I saw the article. Old Navy has an ad featuring an interracial couple with their handsome son. Gasp, it’s considered “controversial” by some who actually think that interracial marriages are wrong. Some are claiming a type of “genocide” to white people. LOL, yes I find this mentality funny. First of all, most of us are of mixed ancestry. Go check your family frees and do the research on your ancestors. Second, there is nothing wrong with couples of different races being attracted to one another and marrying.

I’ve heard the argument that the kids won’t know who to identify with or that some from each race might not approve. For the child, I’d say be proud of your multi heritage and embrace it. Learn all you can. For the naysayers, shame on you, it’s your loss. Their gain. I can kind of identify with this situation since I am sister to a special needs brother and have a special needs son myself. Yes. prejudice runs rampant everywhere. In ideal world, we would have no need for hate, for discrimination and all the negative stuff that we bring into the world.

I hope Old Navy stands upright, and doesn’t back down from the  narrow minded few. Multi racial families and friends are everywhere and they are not going to disappear. We are all of one race. The human one, unless some have forgotten and it’s time to put the ignorance aside, to kick the bigotry to the curb, and welcome acceptance, kindness and compassion into our hears. That’s all.


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