Beauty Begins: A Review


Wrinkle free and skinny seem to be the main objectives of our youth obsessed society. Magazines, newspapers, and even on the screen, we are presented with enhanced ideals of what we females should look like. No wonder there are so many tragic cases of anorexia nervosa, binging and purging among woman of all ages. Really sad that we are made to feel less than attractive because we are overweight, or should have “work done” on our bodies to make ourselves more alluring and acceptable to the rest of the world.

In their book, Beauty Begins, mother and daughter duo, Chris Shook and Megan Shook Alpha say all the media ideal is hogwash. They remind us that we are beautiful because of what’s in our hearts, our character. They are absolutely correct. I have witnessed this myself among people I have met over the years. The gorgeousness of others is dictated by the kind of person they are. But I do confess, I don’t necessarily think of myself as attractive. Like most young girls and woman, we struggle with our self image, we compare ourselves to others and maybe wonder if someone may one up us on looks and even dress.

To be honest this book could have been written for the male population too. Boys and men often have the same problem. The ideal man is portrayed in various media form. Perfect body, hair, dress, by what they possess. You see the fragrance ads where the handsome, rich man gets the beautiful lady. There are plenty of handsome men in this world, we just need to stop creating unrealistic images of what they look like when we meet them. Disappointment will certainly happen if  brush off a potentially  wonderful guy without giving them a chance.

Of course, The Big Man upstairs made us all in his image and that to me is explanation enough for why we are beautiful. Just look at nature, it ain’t exactly ugly, know what I’m saying?

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