Shh It’s Confidential

There’s a mystery to be solved and I want to try and solve it. You know the want ads, the post jobs that you might be interested in? Well, some of them say the name of their company and others don’t. They say Confidential. I guess they are afraid of who they are. Or maybe they don’t want us, the job seeker, to do background check on them. What weaklings.

I know, they are on a secret mission and don’t want everyone to know about it so they hide their company name for security reasons. No, wait, maybe they want us to be surprised when we do discover who they and live happily ever after. The emails they use for contacting them are useless. They don’t mention the business at all. Oh wait, we can look up the phone number they leave and hope its not a cell phone or unknown landline located in a far, far away land.

Just so you know, unknown potential employer, you make very hard for any job seeker to be feel confident about applying for work. I always pass you over, because I suspect you are a fraud, out to make outrageous promises of wealth and then steal money and go live on a deserted island somewhere. You can keep your hidden identity to yourself. Jos seekers like myself won’t give you the time of day. Now, let’s see there is a much better listing here for a legitimate company. Hmm.. where to send the resume.


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