The Witch of Lime Street: A Review

witchlimestreetHarry Houdini was an interesting person to say the least. Not only was he a famous escape artist, but he was heavily interested in the occult. Who knew,  When you think of escaping death defying odds, Houdini definitely is up there as one of the most well known to do this. I’m sure many kids wanted to be like him and many parents wished they didn’t. Mr. Jaher thoroughly researched the great curiosity in all things mystical, occult and spirit world.

Harry Houdini arrived at a time when Seances were all the rage and people really wanted to connect with deceased loved ones. They wanted confirmation that they were ok and they could have some closure via message from the medium performing the séance. To be honest, we are all looking for some kind of enlightenment, some hope that life will be better. Religion is one way in addition to other methods. The book explores this journey with Houdini and his relationship with other mediums. He and fellow colleagues held a contest to see who was real and who was a fraud. In other cases, when a medium was asked to perform for an private audience, they were investigated thoroughly, meaning strip searched to make sure no hidden gadgets were present and they were pulling any scams. They would also sit by said medium to keep them honest. I don’t know, some things are better left alone and never dealt with.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review courtesy of Blogging for books.

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