The Art of Losing Yourself: A Review

artoflosing Having two different identities can be rough. Worse is not knowing who you are to begin with. That’s how the main characters, Carmen and Gracie feel, in the novel, The Art of Losing Yourself, by Katie Ganshert. Both struggle with this issue, Carmen, the meteorologist, who paints the happy mask on her face each morning that she is on the air. Everyone watches her and notices her in public. Gracie, her sister, has grown up taking care of their alcoholic mother, and is an outcast at her high school.
The start of their journey begins when Gracie hitches a ride with a stranger, to the Florida Panhandle, instead of going to live with her father. Her mom has essentially kicked her out due to her behavior at school. Gracie manages to set foot on a family heirloom, The Treasure Chest, a rundown motel in need of some love. Carmen finds her there in response to noticing a possible break in.
Both of them are in two different worlds. Gracie, an outcast, caretaker for their mom, just wants to be wanted and to belong. Carmen wants to adopt a child so her marriage and life can be complete. Takes a while for both to tear away from the false ideas of who they were and discover they are worthy. Carmen has had multiple miscarriages and has a meltdown because of her pain.
What do they find? During a particularly dangerous storm, Gracie is walking into to the ocean, to “become new again”, to paraphrase her. Carmen goes after her and somehow manages to drag her out before they both drown. The Treasure Chest suffers damage so Carmen and her husband and Gracie go to clean up. To sum up, “However many times it takes. For however long it takes. We’ll fix it together.” And so the process begins.
I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.
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