To: You Love, God: A Review

loveGod Imagine getting a letter a day from God for a whole year and each month having a different theme. Cool beans, hu? Well in To: You, Love, God, by Will Bowen, that’s what you get. The author puts himself in the big man’s shoes and allows him to tell us what we may need to rethink. Here’s a doozy: forgiveness, yeah, that’s a tough one for most of us. In the book, “Forgiveness is releasing your resentment toward someone”. The message here is to forbid the disgust you may feel about someone, like lifting a huge weight off your shoulders. Sure makes for better relationships.
Another idea in the book is “Do” which encourages us to take action and not remain idle. When he talks about using our words, the author says, “Your words can move others, comfort them, inspire them, and guide them. They are valuable coins waiting to be offered up for the betterment of all.” Wow, so we are pretty smart after all?
I found myself rethinking how I react to different situations and people and it was a peaceful kind of thing. We do have the ability to help others, to care, and help ourselves too. Just have to get up and go.
I received this free copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.
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