My Life in Middlemarch: A Review

middlemarch There are limitless amounts of influences in this world. Everything from music, people, places and things can alter our way of thinking and maybe inspire us to do something new. For Rebecca Mead, her influence is author, Sara Evans, aka George Elliot. The book she is most influenced by is Middlemarch. Ms. Evans had to use an alias so that she could pursue a writing career, during a time when opportunities for woman were extremely limited.Rebecca notices that George is actually writing about her own life in the book. She points outs such clues as the lack of interest in being married, in religion and parenting. She lives with a man who has two sons. In a way, George is a rebel. Living together back in the nineteenth century was unheard of. Let’s face it, women were expected to marry and be content to stay home and have children, depending on their husbands to earn the living. Rebecca sees that she is not much different from Elliot either. She is very independent, wanting to live the way she sees fit, also writes for a living. She likes the idea of venturing out and seeing new places. Rebecca goes back to England to visit places where Sara lived and imagines how life was for her and her family. There’s a lot of information taken from letters that Sara wrote, as well as commentary from critics and people who knew her. Well written account of how one person’s life can somehow mimic ours. I think everything can be an influence, just have to choose the one that works best for you.I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Press in exchange for an honest review.For more info: (Author Bio)


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