How It Is

My alarm decided to break down this morning so I was late getting to work. When I woke up it was lunch time already. Its Monday’s fault, I had to get up early so I can’t think straight. The dog wanted to play so I played with him. The coffee maker broke so I couldn’t get my caffeine fix for the day. Publisher’s Clearinghouse left a voice mail telling me I had to stay home. Could be my great day.
Ran out of pens, had to go to Walmart and the person in front of me was taking forever to get checked out. It’s Tuesday’s fault. The sun is out and I need to get a tan. It’s raining and I don’t want to get wet. Ah man, the dryer has eaten my socks, got to buy more. My car is wet and it needs to dry. Bad hair day can’t be seen with frizzy, out of control hair, what kind of impression would that make? The cable went out, so I couldn’t check the forecast. Why take a chance? My favorite band is in town and I want their autograph. My favorite outfit is in the washer. Tried to start the van with the house key, woops. Okay to go to work in pajamas? The electricity went out and didn’t come back until noon today. UGHHH, no post it notes, whatever will I do? Was hungry so I ate breakfast and lunch together. No sense in going to work now, right?Its take your dog to work day, my dog wanted to go to Dog Park instead. Sorry. I put both contacts in my right eye, silly me. Nooo, can’t run out of coffee, wake up juice of the gods. Sam’s Club, here I come. Oh dear, the refrigerator is empty. Have to grocery shop now. QVC is running a special on designer clothing for cheap, can’t miss it. But the ad said, but two, get one free, I bought something similar, doesn’t that count? So much for Wednesday, middle of week, I am confused, if the middle of the week is Wednesday, where does it begin? The stress of it all.Shucks! Raining on my head, no raincoat, time go back inside. My dog told me to buy the cake, honest he did. He’s good that way. Van needs a bath and because it’s dirty, I don’t want to contribute to the air quality. It’s Fridays fault, the end of the week, I’m brain drained, fried, and incoherent. I need someone to sign my excuse slip. Volunteers, please.


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