The Let Down

I was emailed an interesting idea for my blog, in order to help a fellow writer. Being a spiritual misfit. yep I have often felt that way and here’s why. You always hear how people are supposed to rally around you no matter your circumstances. One such time we were left alone. My grandmother had passed away and there was the usual preparation for the funeral and gathering of family. Well, the church we were attending, mentioned my momma’s mom passing away in a blurb in the newsletter. And that is supposed to be sincere? Really?? Not even a call to check on her nor visit. Complete nothing.
I did not like my church after that.
The members played favorites, so if you were on the like list, well you were taken care of. Otherwise, you were just a tithe to the church to keep staff paid and the church functioning. Other examples come to mind, like when churches split due to difference of opinion. How disgusting, and yet Jesus didn’t discriminate. Religion is the excuse for doing this, to cover up the bad intentions and clear ones mind of any guilt.
I learned the hurtful way that not everyone is sincere in their beliefs. Of course they attend all services, meetings, etc.. but in reality, some are complete frauds. And then you have those who are really into their beliefs, they walk the talk as the saying goes. they don’t pretend to praise God and then go home and live a separate life behind close doors.
I never understood why there are individuals who take God’s name in vain, by putting on the airs, begging for donations to a so called cause, you know the ones. Big rings, extravagant houses, overdone faces, pleading on the television to make a difference in the lives of the needy. Well, why don’t they sell some of their possessions and donate themselves?
Spiritual misfit, yes I am. The church itself is a building where one can go to worship. The fellowship with others can be refreshing. For me, one can worship where ever they choose. To me that’s best. #Iamaspiritualmisfit


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