Mercy Like Sunlight: A Review

mercysunlight Discarded woman, at least as far society goes, mourning her daughter’s suicide, is befriended by a pastor. Mary Margaret Delaney lives in a pain filled world, with the cuts on her arms to prove it. She hides from everyone around by dressing haphazardly and making herself appear unapproachable. In her mind, she’s unloveable, unworthy of anyone’s attention.
Voices in her head drive her mad, they dictate how she is to feel, think, and that everything is her fault. Now when a kind pastor by the name of Jake Stauros meets her for the first time, she thinks he’s off his rocker. Mary tries to push him aside, but Jake is determined and ends up coming to her aid. He shows her that trusting in the goodness of others is an option, that she is worthwhile human being, not some thing roaming around Chicago at all hours.
Mary allows Jake the some of the parishioners into her heart, letting them help her get her life in order, by first giving her a job, and second, by cleaning her home. Somehow the change from severely depressed to standing tall takes place within her soul. Ms Delaney eventually becomes the church’s rock after Jake is shot by a drug dealer and dies. She opens up and tells her story like it really is. Great version of Mary Magdalene! A supposedly terrible person becomes a most important individual through the generosity of others.
I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review from Waterbrook Press.
For more info: (Author Bio)


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