A Triple Knot – A Review

tripleknot Speaking of “love triangle” this book gives new meaning to old saying. Miss Joan of Kent pledges her undying love to her cousin Ned when she was a child, then hauls off on a trip and meets Thomas Holland, secretly marries him, and the nasty part is she is betrothed to another man for political purposes. Geesh, my head was spinning. A Triple Knot, by Emma Campion, is a very detailed account of a real person.
Joan is one tough young lady and when I say young, back in early centuries it was not uncommon to be promised to another at the tender age of twelve or thirteen. Life expectancy was not long. Today that would be considered a very big no no.
Joan fights the stigma attached to her when comes to her love life. She doesn’t want to marry Will Montagu and he really doesn’t want her either. In fact, it’s the fellas that attract him but they relent and get married and live apart. At one point though, Will attacks Joan, more out of pressure to try and produce an heir than out of hate.
With the help of several loyal friends and family, Joan comes out the victor in the end. Her marriage to Will is deemed null and void, she gets her man Thomas and they have four children and a happy life. Unfortunately Thomas does die from being neglected by a male “nurse”, forcing Joan to take over as head of her home. Lady does a good job. At the very end, she marries her cousin Ned and her life finally becomes stable, safe and sound. Great job Emma Campion.
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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